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Interviewed by ECONEWS: Social Media and its Rightful Place

Read the full magazine here . I was recently interviewed by Youmna Naufal  for  ECONEWS  magazine by The Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture. A version of the interview below appeared in print in the June 2014 edition. Named the Social Media Consultant of Lebanon, Mohammad Hijazi is a young man who, like many, has mastered the art of social media. In his words, social media is no longer just a tool to communicate or connect with people that we know. Its opportunities have become much wider. People can now get acquainted with professionals in their fields, get exposure for their work, get funding for their start-ups, find jobs and even meet new people with similar interests or hobbies. In Lebanon, there is a thriving community of well-educated and interesting members who are worth connecting with on a professional or personal basis. However, he believes only a portion of the Lebanese are aware and knowledgeable enough about proper ways of using social media to enhance

ABDALLAH ABSI: I started Zoomaal due to my repetitive failures caused by lack of funding

A young serial and social entrepreneur, Abdallah Absi founded more than six companies, is currently advising several start-ups, and aims at raising new generations of Arab entrepreneurs. He is currently the CEO of Zoomaal, an initiative funded by four major institutional investors and recently featured on CNN, Forbes, Wamda, and IHT. Zoomaal is the leading crowd-funding platform that aims at funding Arab creative projects. Abdallah has won more than 10 awards in entrepreneurship and computer science, and was recently selected as one of Lebanon’s Top 20 entrepreneurs for 2013. When did you first get acquainted with the Lebanese entrepreneurship scene? Late 2009 was my first involvement. This is when I first heard the word “Entrepreneurship” from the YallaStartup group founded by Habib Haddad, Elie Khoury and Sami Shalabi. What is eClub and what are some of its latest projects? eClub stands for “The Entrepreneurship Club”. Our mission is to support and promote youth entrepren

Ipsos releases results of who the Arabs are cheering for this World Cup 2014

Ipsos MediaCT has released the results of the ‘Ipsos Football Score’ (IFS), which is a two-month long national representative survey * conducted across 11 MENA countries. The independent survey seeks to gauge the sentiment of Arab football lovers and their favorite teams, assessing who they think will win the title in the World Cup 2014. The ‘Ipsos Football Score’ was designed by Ipsos MediaCT to categorically rank the various football teams based on specific variables such as favorability, likeability, loyalty, popularity, uniqueness (tactics and abilities), as well as their chances of winning the title. The independent study then assessed the importance and significance of each of these variables, and a comprehensive score was derived from these results. The study covered Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Iraq, Bahrain, Kuwait, Morocco, Tunisia, Qatar and Jordan. In general based on the results, the Brazilian football team received the highest score in

Pizza Cups: Relying Solely on Social Media to Market New Concept in Lebanon

Many businesses have finally started to realize the importance of social media for their success, but few have relied so heavily on it in Lebanon to promote their concept. A perfect example of this would be Pizza Cups, an all-homemade catering business with a fresh, delicious idea that was launched solely on social media platforms. To know more about Pizza Cups and its social media strategy, I interviewed Wassim El Haddad, co-founder, about this innovation. El Haddad has been working in social media for the past year in Cleartag, while co-founding Pizza Cups with Khajag Apelian and currently handles the communication matters of the brand as they get ready to open their new outlet and expand. What is Pizza Cups and how did you come up with the concept? Pizza Cups are cup-shaped pizzas prepared with fresh quality ingredients and baked with care and dedication. They're available in different savory and sweet flavors, with different crust choices. The starting point of