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Mohammad Hijazi is a marketing consultant, trainer and digital media strategist. He has worked with several international organizations and agencies including the European Union, British Council, British Embassies across the Middle East, World Economic Forum, US State Department, Leo Burnett and dozens of other clients across different fields and countries.

Aside from his professional work, around half his time is spent working with international NGOs. He is the National Vice President for Recruitment & Outreach for JCI Lebanon (Junior Chamber International, a 102-year-old UN-partner NGO that promotes positive impact through youth empowerment) and was a Global Shaper for the Beirut Hub (an initiative by the World Economic Forum). His passion is working on two UN Sustainable Development Goals: Quality Education and Decent Work & Economic Growth.

Hijazi also founded the Online Collaborative, a non-profit initiative that aims to promote awareness about technology and social media, and is the organizing entity of The Social Media Awards MENA. In addition, he was the Editor in Chief of Cloud961, a print and online magazine that is dedicated to the online community in Lebanon and discusses digital and social media topics from the region.

Hijazi was named as the Social Media Consultant of Lebanon by ECONEWS and was nominated for the MENA Best Social Media Trainer Award by Social Media Club in Bahrain. Hijazi co-authored a McGraw-Hill university textbook entitled “Contemporary Management” to be out in 2017.

Hijazi graduated from the American University of Beirut (AUB) with degrees in biology and marketing communications.

For inquiries, kindly contact me by email on moudz[at]mindsoupblog[dot]com.

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