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Paula Yacoubian: The Future of Journalism Relies on the Interaction with People on Social Media

Celebrities Should Not Trust their Social Media Accounts with Agencies or Employees. Paula Yacoubian is an established Lebanese journalist who currently hosts a prime-time political and social talk show on Future Television, Inter-Views. She previously hosted another show on Al Hurra TV and was part of the morning talk show Nharkom Said on LBC. Additionally, Paula is a media trainer and a political strategist. She has interviewed high-profile figures throughout her career, including George W. Bush when he was in office back in 2005. I sat down with Paula to discuss her social media presence. Personally, I believe that she is doing a great job on her social media accounts and is among the best Lebanese journalists online. Very few use social media effectively, consistently and continuously. You can follow Paula on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on PaulaYacoubian . What motivated you to start using social media as a media professional? I think that I started ver

13 Ways to Piss off the Online Community

Thanks Wael for the photo! Last week, I spoke at the Lebanon Opportunities' "Economic Sustainability During Crisis" Conference on February 19-20, 2014 at Phoenicia Hotel. I was on a panel with Darine Sabbagh  – Marketing Collaborator of Online Collaborative, Luciana Younis – Social Media Strategist at Medco, Marie José Abed – Regional Communication Manager at HST (GS) and Ziad Kamel – Owner, Couqley and moderated by Maya Karanouh – Founder of TagBrands. The topic of the panel was:  Online Community Management. Description:  What do community managers do and why should you care and invest in this emerging and fast growing profession. What should you know about if you are in charge of a brand? How has this new job description started and what issues does it face. What are the pros and cons of having an agency or in-house community manager? How does the community manager engage the consumer? What tools and third party services do they use? Does and don't. What

I was awarded a Lebanese Hero Award by Lebanese Memes

During their second anniversary ceremony, Lebanese Memes honored some Lebanese people who they believe are contributing positively towards a change in Lebanon. The honor list also included: Late Actress Amalia Abi Saleh, Comedian Nemr Abou Nassar, Movie Director Sam Andraos, Crepaway's Mario Thoumy, Virgin Radio's Naji Cherabieh, Women in Front's Joelle Rezkallah and For Lebanon's Najy Sfeir. I would like to thank Lebanese Memes for this great honor and to everyone who has supported me and my work for Online Collaborative , The Social Media Awards and Cloud 961 .

LINKEDIN 101: Basic Things You're Doing Wrong with Your Online Identity

We have, beyond a doubt, dawned on a new era: the era of online stalking. Whenever anyone wants to know more about you, you can bet your life they turn to Google. For people searches, Linkedin profiles tend to show up higher in search engines results when compared to other websites. This is why you should be taking this opportunity to create and maintain a professional presence on Linkedin to leave a great impression on anyone (especially potential employers) who might be lurking around your profile. THE EMAIL ADDRESS The first step to a professional Linkedin presence is a professional e-mail address. It is advisable not to use your work e-mail because you might not have access to it indefinitely and it might be monitored by your employer- not a great idea if you’re looking for another job. DO Create a professional email address using your first name and last name or first initial and last name. DON’T Email addresses like or puppy_loveXOXO@msn