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Moudz featured on MTV

Photo of me featured on MTV last night part of Save Aya campaign ( ). They also mentioned that I am a blogger. So proud! You can watch it on the MTV website (around minute 10) Thanks to @ SalvadorRudy who brought it to my attention :)

Urine as a new ingredient in Burger King fries?

MIND SOUP : A few hours ago, I went to Burger King Bliss (Beirut, Lebanon) to buy a dinner meal. As I went in to the place, a strong smell of urine filled the place. I did not bother to think about it a lot, partly because I was hungry since I hadn't had anything to eat all day, and partly because I assumed that the smell is coming from the nearby alley where homeless people piss. Anyway. I ordered a chicken cheese burger meal (with French fries and coke) and a side chicken fries. When I got home, I opened the bag and it smelled exactly the same urine smell. It turns out the French fries had this strong smell, it was not even funny. It was as if someone pissed in the cooking oil. Needless to say I threw everything out and I would never even consider eating at Burger King again. After this, I tried contacting the management on their contact form and emails on their  website  to inform them about the issue, but it seems that their server is rejecting my emails (they keep bounc