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Design for Social Media

As part of Beirut Design Week 2013, Maya Zankoul and I held a joint workshop entitled: Design for Social Media. In this workshop, over 25 attendees got exposed to the basics of design for different social media platforms. Topics that were discussed include: technical social media design components on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, such as dimensions and regulations, do’s and don’ts, branding guidelines, color theory, typography choices and types of visuals that can be shared. Additionally, the session included a discussion on best practices through real examples and a hands-on application. Below are the slides of my part of the presentation. For questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact me on Below is an article by Selim Njeim on this workshop that was published in Cloud 961 . When Design and Social Media Come Together By S é lim Njeim | @seleemnjeim Long gone are the days when people used to live in jerkwater towns in whic