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GeekFest Beirut 5.0 – Music & Fashion

Prepare your red carpet outfits and dancing shoes, it's going to be a blast!  Geekfest 5.0 will bring out all that is geeky in fashion and blend it into the urban tunes of modern Lebanese Bands and Performers. Though geeks would not admit they are into fashion, we do know that there is a certain subcultural attire associated with them and we are about to expose it to the world!  REGISTER NOW The Program  7:30 PM | Registration Early registration secures spots for special sponsor goodies and Geekfest branded swag. Come early before the good stuff runs out 8:00 PM | Let’s Talk the Talk Maya Metni | Le Geek, C’est Chic! How to dress like a Geek? A practical guide |  Maya is a visual communication consultant. She gathers her musings & inspirations in her blog  & @ mayametni  Toni Yammine | Crowdsourcing Music Videos – Meen the Band |  Toni is a Lebanese musician/director. He likes chocolate so much, and knows how to count very well in bo