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10 Design Tips for Social Media

This article was originally published in Cloud 961 July issue. You can download it here  (page 13). For more information about Design for Social Media, check out this post . Including images or visuals in your posts on any social media platform increases the post visibility and interaction. Tweets with images get 88% more retweets and Facebook photo posts see nearly 3x more engagement. If you are going to overlay text on the image, shoot the photograph with this in mind, so compose your image to incorporate white space. Photos that include a human element tend to be more engaging than static non-human photos. For example, a shot of a food plate will tend to be less interactive than if it also included someone eating the food or the chef of that dish. Always keep consistency with your identity and branding. When you create your own images, always include your logo. This shows it's your original image and increases brand awareness. Do not use stock photos or designs from the