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AUB Music Club presents "November Rain"

Date:  Tuesday, November 9 · 8:00pm - 10:30pm Location: AUB West Hall Bathish The AUB Music Club in association with the AUB President's Club is proud to present November Rain! This is the first of hopefully many awesome events that will take place throughout this year. AUB's talented muscians will be performing on the stage of Bathish (West Hall). They will be covering different musical styles including blues, rock, jazz, alternative and more... Bands that will be performing: Lazzy Lung Home Made Plugged The Passive Standouts Along with other classical, jazz & acoustic solo pieces... -Ticket Price: 5,000 L.L sold as of Monday November 1st on the Music Club stand outside West Hall and at the door. -Non A.U.B students must bring their official ID! - Check out the event's Facebook page . Hope to see you there!

Tripoli Emergency Fail

And they say we don't have laws in Lebanon, in such cases please call 112 instead of 140... :S

Song of the week: Rascal Flatts - Every Day

Between Beirut and Amman: Four Conferences You Must NOT Miss in December!

December is proving to be a very busy month for me, as well as social media enthusiasts and Arab intellectuals. Below are four conferences/forums/conventions To kick December off, AUB's Online Collaborative will be hosting its first Blogging Lebanon convention on December 3 where Lebanese bloggers and Arab and International bloggers in Lebanon in the area will be joining to share their experience and give valuable insight about the blogging scene in the Arab World. Click here for the latest information about this event . The Arab Thought Foundation is holding its annual conference " Fikr 9 " which will take place this year in Beirut on December 8 & 9 with a special workshop for youth on December 7. This year's conference has the theme of "Building the Future." The conference will address the major issues facing the Arab World. During my meeting with the organizers last week, they have expressed their great enthusiasm about welcoming bloggers who

Press Release: Relaunch of Blogging Lebanon Convention

ONLINE COLLABORATIVE : After its unfortunate cancellation last May due to student protests at the American University of Beirut, AUB's Online Collaborative is announcing the relaunch of AUB's First Lebanese Bloggers Convention, now renamed to Blogging Lebanon. This event that attracted many bloggers from the Arab and international scene is rescheduled to  Friday December 3, 2010  at the American University of Beirut (exact venue will be announced later.) The aim of this convention is to gather bloggers from around the region under one roof. The event will include several guest speaker from different backgrounds who will share their experiences and discuss different topics related to blogging and social media, such cultural aspects, privacy issues, importance of blogs, political implications, and dangers etc... Currently, the convention organizers are calling for guest speakers who are willing to give short presentations about their area of expertise. The event will also incl

AUB Cafeteria Opens, more dislikes than likes

MIND SOUP : After more than one year of renovations, AUB's main cafeteria (the one in Ada Dodge Hall) had its "grande" opening last Thursday (October 14). During the last three working days, students have been flooding into the cafeteria, more disappointed than satisfied. Below is a detailed pros/cons description of the situation. AUB-Themed  Wallpaper © Mind Soup What we like: Definitely the design and the wallpaper which captures the AUB spirit and successfully integrates itself in the AUB campus. The division of food sections is a good idea, students can get pasta, daily dishes, hot sandwiches, cold sandwiches, manakeesh, and drinks from different places, but this also a negative aspect (scattered lines of waiting people, crowding) The colors. I personally like the black, red and white retro thing that's going on. The modern furniture which is a well-deserved upgrade from the bus cafeteria that we had for the last year. Students have a new place to hang

Will you save Aya?

For more information:

Blog Action Day 2010: Be Creative, Save Water

MIND SOUP : So today, October 15, is Blog Action Day 2010 . The theme this year is water . As I live in a country where water is theoretically abundant, I, as many other Lebanese, may not feel the urge to conserve water or use it wisely. But as I watch TV and read bloggers posts from other countries, I have become more aware of the critical water situation the world is facing. After enrolling as a blogger against hunger for the United Nations World Food Programme and engaging more into the world blogosphere, I was shocked to know that around 4.500 children die daily from water related diseases and that a almost a billion people on Earth don't have access to clean and safe drinking water ! Since then I realized that there are so many things with our water consumption in Lebanon. We take hour-long showers, flood our houses to get them cleaned, stare at the open faucet while brushing our teeth, and use excessive amounts of water to irrigate our flowers and plants. But the most un

What lurks around in the AUB Outlook Office

At the risk of looking obsessive and repetitive about Outlook, I had to post this hilarious photo that was posted by @ schazzenan . I'm just hoping that the next time I pick up Outlook, it wouldn't have turned to a playboy/playgirl sort of publication! (although that idea isn't really impossible, considering where the newspaper is headed). No offense to Gino ! :D P.S. I'm using the same citing technique as they use in Outlook. #latche Photo from Facebook

Outlook Calendar Fail

Who needs a Monday?     © Mind Soup Apart from the fact that they still kept much of the (pretty ugly) layout from last year, the new staff of Outlook seemed to have been asleep back in Kindergarten when they were taught the days of the week.

AUB's Online Collaborative and Clubs Days

View of Club's Stands next to West Hall Today has been a very long day indeed, a long fruitful day. AUB's Online Collaborative had its debut today during Clubs day where cabinets and active members of clubs and societies gather around West Hall to recruit members. After struggling with the board for around an hour, we were set to go. The collage of social networking logos attracted many students who came closer to ask questions or take a flyer. Other students had surprised or even disgusted looks when they saw our stand. They don't know how important and crucial our work is. Many thought that we are a group of people addicted to facebook and trying to recruit facebook addicts into one group. Our humble board Boy, they are so wrong. What they don't know is how the whole world has its eyes fixated now on digital media, especially social media. News outlets are leaning more and more towards online media. Many politicians, organizations or event planners

Seen Around: AUB Outlook

This actually made my day today. I'm so glad that Outlook has been aiming up to its full potential lately.

Song of the Week: Majda Roumi Feat. Lara Fabian - Habibi