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Scumbag 101: How to build on other people's fame

I don't know if you already heard about the incident with what I'm gonna call an "excuse of a blogger" and perhaps an "excuse of an educated human being". A person by the name of Ribal Abi Raad revived his blog after he got "inspired" by my post " Breakdown of AUB students " in an attempt to bash my blog post or entire blog or me as a person. He claims that he knows who I really am and bases his criticism on this assumption. It is ironic how someone thinks they know all about you if they met you once in your life (four years ago). I will refrain from defaming this scumbag even though he might deserve it. It is unfortunate how some people can be so tight-minded and cannot appreciate a piece of humor. But what seems the most evident is how he chose perhaps the most popular post on this blog to revive his blog. I never thought that some people in the Lebanese blogosphere could swoop so low. Personally, I do not consider him part of this bl

It is true that even the closest things to you might be fake

Most of you might have noticed how the whole world is tending to become more fake: from fake noses and boobs to fake personalities to fake brands and products. Sadly, very little is being done to promote originality and uniqueness, especially those relating to human traits and physical appearance -- however, this is not our topic for today. The purpose of this post is to shed light on a very successful campaign that is currently taking place in Lebanon. BPG ( Brand protection group ) is an international organization that protects brands and consumers from fake products by creating awareness campaigns & seminars. The objective of this campaign is to create as much awareness as possible about the fact that there are fake products in the market and to promote a number that consumers can dial to report those imitated products. What I loved the most about this campaign is that its everywhere. Leo Burnett have outdone themselves this time. They have created a very interactive camp