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Why I Hate Apple

My friends and probably people who follow me on twitter probably know that I do not like Apple (probably much more than not liking - perhaps despising). I'm sick of people keep bombarding their Apple products in my face every time I say something, and I am sick of the shameless brainwashed promotions from live conversations to social media to TV programs and ads. Upon the request of one of my friends, I would like to share my reasons for this hatred to Apple as a whole, and not any certain product. The Apple brainwashed culture   It is perhaps what I hate about it the most: the over-zealous fans (or shall I call addicts) who are eating, drinking and breathing Apple and are basically walking billboards for the company. I like Google and Facebook and you don't see me shamelessly promoting them like crazy every chance I get. And it's not even just that, Apple owners think they are better than other people, that they are some sort of super-humans. Let me tell you this: o

Song of the Week: Save You - Matthew Perryman Jones

Screenshot from Kyle XY A song that I just discovered yesterday (thanks to @ teressaeid ). I mostly like the song because of its easy-going tune but I also adore the music video because of Jaimie Alexander who is one of my favorite actresses. She used to play Jessie in Kyle XY, a show that I really loved and unfortunately got cancelled because it didn't get such high ratings. Anyway enjoy the song, I've been playing it non-stop since yesterday. Here's the link for this song for those of you following the feed on Buzz.

Mind Soup celebrates its second birthday!

Yesterday, Mind Soup has turned two years old. I can't really believe it. It still seems like yesterday when I spontaneously decided to start a blog and worried about design layouts and content. Now, after two full years I stand proud of my commitment to my blog and it subsidiaries. This year has brought a lot of accomplishments which include: having the great Daisy join in and continuously post about her experiences and opinions being featured in several newspaper and magazine articles both online and offline. being the first google search for several articles. 300,000 hits on several pages integrating with several social media sites such as facebook and twitter recently creating a supplementary tumblr page giving me the inspiration to establish Online Collaborative and enriching my interest in social marketing. being known as a relevant source of news and opinion articles and a place where freedom of speech is exercised Even though this year has also brought me som

AUB homepage promoting drugs?

I don't know if its a Freudian slip or absent-mindedness, but if you check the AUB homepage, the photo that is supposed to raise awareness against smoking, alcohol and drugs is giving conflicting messages. "Hash is amazing! But don't do it regularly," it says. I'm glad AUB knows that the stress it puts it students through calls for occasional drug use. Hash is amazing! But don't do it regularly Thanks to Timmy for pointing it out!

Featured Blog: A Separate State of Mind

Screenshot of " A Separate State of Mind " MIND SOUP :  A Separate State of Mind  is a new blog on the Lebanese blogosphere which discusses life, music, politics, movies and thoughts of a Lebanese youth, Elie, who is one of my best friends. I have been trying to get Elie to start a blog since I created Mind Soup two years ago (2nd birthday coming up on Feb 21 :D) but his laziness and procrastination delayed it. He has had some guest posts here on Mind Soup but now he took the plunge and after some quick trial with tumblr, he started his full blog: . A few things you might want to know about Elie: He's a huge Carrie Underwood fan that I started calling him a Carrieoholic.So you should definitely expect to see some posts about her. He likes country music and pop (Britney Spears anyone?) He likes to watch movies, and I mean a lot of movies, so he will be posting some movie reviews. His taste in movies is usually good

Benihana: We sue customers to compensate for our bad food

MIND SOUP : Yet another lawsuit launched against a middle-eastern blogger. But this time, the suing side is not a politician or an official, but a restaurant; a restaurant with very bad PR and marketing skills might I add. Mark is a Lebanese blogger who wrote a review of Benihana Kuwait on his blog 248am  after visiting the restaurant a few days after its grande  opening. I have done a huge deal of research on Benihana last summer for a course and I know well that Benihana distinguishes itself from other restaurants by two aspects: The unique layout where customers sit and watch while a chef cooks their food in front of them in a live display of culinary skills. The quality and freshness of their foods, most importantly their meats. In his review, Mark complains of the quality of the food being served, and I quote: ... [T]he Hibachi chicken which is basically grilled chicken, that was the worst. The chicken was very chewy (I could swear it was undercooked if not raw) and tasted te