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Send your name to Mars with NASA

NASA now gives anyone the opportunity to send their name to Mars . Just enter your name, country and zip code into the form, and your name – along with many others – will be included in a microchip on the Mars Science Laboratory rover which will be heading to Mars in 2011. NASA has actually done this before, for example, you could have sent your name to Mars with the Phoenix rover . However, now that this has been found by Reddit , I’m afraid that that list of names sent to Mars will be an odd one indeed. First of all, there’s no captcha, and the form accepts nearly anything, even very long entries. From Reddit’s commenter digitalboy: “ It appears that the input is unbounded. One could then send a somewhat long Base64 encoded binary messages to mars. I’m sure there is SOME bound somewhere but it doesn’t appear to be on the form. I create a 4k first name and it took it as input. What to send…. Perhaps a map to my house? Perhaps the lyrics to my favorite song? Fibonacci sequence? Prime

Venice rolls out city-wide wi-fi

The Italian city of Venice has launched what is believed to be the most extensive, wireless internet system anywhere in Europe. Ten thousand kilometres of cables have been laid, establishing wi-fi hotspots just about everywhere in the city. The authorities spent around $15m (£9m) building the system. It is fast - between 20 and 100 megabits per second - and for those who live there it is free. Tourists will need to pay about $7 a day. Known for its ancient museums, art galleries and canals, Venice's mayor says the system will enable the development of e-commerce and cable television. Places like San Francisco, Singapore and Stockholm are already among the best connected cities. Now Venice is showing off its new internet capabilities, merging computers and culture in this unique setting.

Fired on Facebook

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Toilet Twilight

Poor girl feel asleep on the toilet!

AUB Cats

Here are a few photos of cats at my university.

You're Fat!

Wi-Fi Inside

Creative Photography

more cool photos like this here .