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Derwiches Cultural event

After it has sent its first delegation to the United Nations 9th Youth Assembly and set a system of representation to the UN HQ, UNYA Lebanon is launching on August 26 2011 the Lebanese Youth Mobility Fund , a leading project to facilitate traveling of young Lebanese artists, activists and researchers around the Arab world in the purpose of circulating their knowledge. This fund will be managed by professionals on a volunteer basis. It is 100% self funded, and this is where your support is very much appreciated. As a fundraising activity and within the enchanting spirit of Ramadan, UNYA Lebanon is organizing "Darawiches" a concert for the Derwiches whirling band of Tripoli, on Friday 26 August 2011, starting 9:30pm, Sunflower Theater -Tayouneh, Beirut. Tickets are for 20,000 L.L. And all profits go to the Lebanese Youth Mobility Fund. More info can be found: On the event Facebook Page. Or by calling 71 717859 Tickets are sold by phone (71 717859), at UNYA Lebanon

Smoking banned in public places in Lebanon

photo source   Today, the Lebanese Parliament endorsed a law that bans smoking in public or closed spaces. After years of debate on whether this law should be implemented, it has finally become a reality. Non-smokers have been overjoyed today with the news filling up the social timelines with their expressions of approval. The law also bans any sort of tobacco advertising and promotions and considers them as an illegal act. These include all sorts of advertising media such as billboards, magazine ads, and TV commercials. The law also prevents any tobacco companies from sponsoring events and concerts. In addition to that, all tobacco packs should now depict a pictorial warning of the dangers of smoking that should cover at least 40% of the package. Fines will be imposed on citizens who are caught smoking in public or individuals who violate the smoking ban. Hotels, however, will be able to assign 10-20% of their rooms to smokers. Companies will be expected to start implement