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Brands Got You Fooled

This was the first post we came across by Malik's Lebanon . It's a cute idea, but we're a bit worried that One Directioners (is that the official name of the fandom?) might take it seriously and possibly murder Malik's workers when they find out it's a joke.  Abril foul indeed, good one NGNO !  XXL Energy released an original new flavor inspired by Lebanon. haha Oh Beirut+ TV , how we wish all of what you said was true! Watch the episode here.   Selfie sticks gone too far spotted on Mashable . Update: Apparently this is not a joke? We weep for the future of our planet. A very apparent fake product release was announced by Barry M , the Nip Dip would hypothetically allow you to apply glitter to your nipples.Not sure how we feel about this one... We love it when law enforcement agencies have a sense of humor, good one GMP Radcliffe   One of our favorites (if not absolute favorite) was obviou