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I walk and touch the dust of the ground I love.
Long ago my life was here,
Long ago I was someone.
My family left, my friends left, my enemy got closer.
Sometimes I feel I am quite alone facing the misery and hurt.
Blood seeps around me, from bodies of people I previously knew.
Oh how I wish I can once more breathe the fresh air of the free country.
But alas, Jerusalem, they have taken you.
And I am here crying, moaning, hurt and fighting for you.
Holy land, fight with me, hold still..
And we will be your salvation
You call out for me , and I try my best.
I did promise to retain my dignity,
But am struggling.
I fear I may not be able to stand strong, I may not be able to fight longer.
I am an individual in the despair of the wrought irons on my hands, War.
So would you hold on just a bit logner, until I am strong enough to break down walls.
To stop tears, and erase fear.
Until I am worthy of your protection I will protect you.
And one day you will stand proud once again,
Hollering to anyone insight of your victory.

Aurore M.