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Reckless Driving

Two years ago, on a summer afternoon, 7 PM. A brother of a personal friend of mine is driving way above the speed limit coming from Beirut to Saida. Recklessly, he enters Saida's Eastern boulevard and without looking in front of him, knocks an elderly woman down with his car. The woman, who turned out to be the grandmother of another friend of mine, is taken to the hospital by an ambulance and dies later that night. The guy will live with guilt through-out his whole life. He was lucky that the victim's family did not press charges.

One year ago, on a summer late night, 2 AM. A young guy, descending from a prominent family in Saida, is driving from Beirut to Saida and had reached the highway. Rumors has it, he was drunk. Other rumors say he was just sleepy. BAMMM.. He hits a tree near the entrance of Saida city, loses consciousness, car blows up. He dies there and then. He wasn't found until the morning by the local army personnel.

Two days ago, on a summer night, beyond 12 AM. A 22 year-old guy, speeding, hit a tree and knocked it down, then hit another tree on the same road in Saida. His car burnt instantly into flames and turned into ashes. He tried escaping, but the he caught on fire and his body was found charcoaled. You can read more about this story here (in Arabic).

God bless their souls.

Moral of the story: I'm going to make it simple. If you drive slower, you will lose 10 minutes of your life, rather than losing your whole life. If you take a cab home if your drunk, you will lose $5 from your saving, rather than losing your whole life. Don't be stupid. Your lives are in your own hands.