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Mentally disabled woman tortured to death by her 6 "friends"

​Jennifer Daugherty may have been 30, but she was mentally disabled with the mind of a young teen. Still, she seemed to be doing well enough and was involved with a community center in Greensburg, Pennsylvania...

​So her stepdad, Bobby Murphy, put her on a bus to Greensburg on Monday. She'd mentioned meeting a number of friends there, so dad wasn't alarmed when she called later that day to say she was spending the night with someone named "Peggy." She would be back the next day.

That didn't happen. She apparently went to an apartment with six people she knew, but for reasons unknown they decided to turn on Jennifer. Perhaps just because they could.

They forced her to drink vegetable oil, detergent and urine. She ate spices and medications. They shaved her head and beat her with a towel rack, a vacuum cleaner hose and a crutch. Then they forced her to write a suicide note before stabbing her to death.

She was wrapped up in Christmas decorations and clothes before she was stuffed in a garbage can and dumped her in the parking lot of Greensburg Salem Middle School, which is about a half-hour outside Pittsburgh.

After all, nothing says degenerate quite like leaving a dead body for middle schoolers to find. Her body was discovered yesterday.


It's unclear how police so quickly found her killers, but they've already arrested six people. They are Robert Loren Masters Jr., 36, Ricky Smyrnes, 23, Melvin Knight, 20, Amber Meidinger, 20, Peggy Darlene Miller, 27, and Angela Marinucci, 17.

Knight has already admitted to stabbing Jennifer in the chest and neck. He also said he and Smyrnes dumped her body in the parking lot. All six have apparently admitted their involvement and ratted out the others.

They're all charged with homicide and kidnapping, though you can bet the charges will number in the hundreds by the time the investigation is concluded.

Stepdad Murphy says the defendants' first names match the names of friends Jennifer spoke of meeting. "I don't know them personally, but Jennifer mentioned some of their names as being her friends -- but evidently not," he told the Associated Press.

"One thing I can tell you is there is no reason for them to do what they did to Jennifer," "Jennifer was just a gentle, laid-back person... There wasn't a mean bone in her body." [via]