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PRESS RELEASE: AUB Outdoors 2010

by Mohammad Hijazi
This article was published in Outlook, AUB's Official Student Newspaper on March 16, 2010.
After its massive success last year, the AUB Outdoors Festival is officially under-way. After the recruitment process that occurred during the Fall semester, the Outdoors committee now includes more than 120 enthusiastic members, which is a number much larger than last year's. These members are divided into seven teams, all of which essential for the completion of crucial tasks required for the success of this event, which will be held during a weekend towards the end of May. Each team has a team leader chosen by the Outdoors Executive Team in collaboration with the Office of Student Activities. These teams are also supervised by three Vice Executives (VEs) who are responsible for two or three teams. The different teams are: Marketing, Decoration, Food, Construction, Games, Entertainment, and Sponsorship. 

Interestingly, this year has brought several changes to the Outdoors management. Unlike past years, there are two Chief Executive Officers (CEOs): Nathalie Rachid, a Graphic Design student, and Izzat Fathallah, a Business administration student at AUB. Other changes include the removal of the Safety team which Hiba Hamade, the Coordinator of Student Activities, describes as unnecessary at this point in time. The main reason behind this decision is probably so that the main focus be on the other teams that require a lot of effort, work and collaboration.

Another main difference that is very clear this year is the major involvement of the Office of Student Activities which is greatly supervising the work of the Outdoors committee and helping the executive team take major decisions. This will probably aid the team to be more professional and timely, and could greatly minimize conflicts of interest between the different teams.

As for other positions in Outdoors, most are filled by students who have had several years experience in Outdoors. VE of Sponsorship, Entertainment, & Marketing is Business Student Jad Naamani, VE of Food and Games is Graduate Student Ramadan Ghalayini, while the VE of Construction and Decoration is Mechanical Engineering student Khaled Ghrawy. Chief Operations Officer is Rawad Hassanie while the Operations Officer is Miriam Assaad. Karim Soubra is the treasurer and Aliaa El Zeiny is the secretary.

The most recent events done by the outdoors committee is their first general assembly, which was held at the beginning of the Spring semester to launch this year's Outdoors activities. Since then, the various teams had been meeting on a weekly basis to get on track. With a little more than two months left, the teams are set to work and promise to finish their tasks as early as possible.

It is very evident that the Outdoors experience is enriched with students of different backgrounds, majors and even nationalities. As described in the AUB bylaws, it is purely artistic, cultural, intellectual, and entertaining, and should not have any political or sectarian basis. This is what motivates lots of students to volunteer whole-heartedly to make this event a success. After the success of Hu Wai De last year, many members have returned this year to relive the experience and be part of this unforgettable family.