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Overview of the Celebrity LebTweet Up

... and I am back!

@jrsaba (left) and @JimRamK (right)
If you have noticed that I haven't posted much during the past few weeks, I was taking a little break due to lots other engagements. But now I'm back and I'm hoping to post regularly again.

L-R: @Loulouhilal @mhijazi
@Haythamelzein @Sarahilal000
Yesterday (Tuesday), there was a tweet up gathering in Copper - Gemayzeh. I (@mhijazi) went with a close friend of mine @jrsaba [blog]. @loulouhilal and @sarahilal000 [blog] generously picked us up with @haythamelzein from Hamra and we headed to Gemayzeh.

It was a little weird at first, but we started mingling and meeting people we have only @-replied before.

People who I already knew personally include: @JumRamK [tumblr], @GinoRaidy [blog], @YasmineHajjar [blog] and @BMaks88.

But I got to meet really awesome people who I have been in contact with online. Below are a few examples:

I was really looking forward to meeting @sareen_ak who is very
talented and have been featured several times before on Mind Soup.
Check out her comic blog here.
It was also a great pleasure meeting the extremely talented @MayaZankoul
(middle) who has an awesome comic blog that is definitely worth subscribing
to. It was also great meeting @LaraZankoul (right) whose has tremendous
skills in photography (I've spent hours admiring her flicker photos)
@JOESBOX was also there! [blog]
@Beirutiyat (middle) [blog] and @LoulouHilal (left)
@aymanitani (left) is very sweet and of great help :) [site]
@sdarine was there too! [blog]
I also got to meet @rihamberjaoui finally! The only person
who keeps me company (or stalks my tweets) when I
cannot sleep at 5:00 AM in the morning.

I also got to meet @lnlne @Rabih @Kay_Kayyy @FunkyOzzi @ZAMGEO @Shanty2 @NEMRCOMEDY @Rawadelhoyek @DinaMyColors @krikOrianM @christinkik @bahaafe @dabukalam @abzzyy @sam_lb @ritakml ... I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. In that case let me know and I will add you to the list!

Group photo of the tweeps. Check out the whole album on facebook here.


  1. hey MoudZ,
    glad to have you back on my rss reader :)

    Mate this post makes me wanna join twitter! i've been resisting it for quite some time.
    I thought having Facebook, and Google Buzz are more than enough.
    I also have about 45 Leb blogs in my google reader that i check on a daily basis, so not sure if i have space for twitter! (i'll most likely be following the same pple i follow their blogs)

  2. hey Simon!

    You should probably join twitter! Twitter is different, you can actually get to know the people behind these blogs. It is always fun to interact with people who's blogs you follow :)

  3. Great pics!
    the group shot is awesome

    Nice meeting you too and thanks for the effort of posting them

  4. You're welcome! It was nice meeting you too ^_^

  5. Yo MoudZ, guess wat mate? i got meself a twitter account @_Sim_On! yay hehehe...

    already added some of the bloggers i'm following. So lets see where this will take us :)

    cheers mate


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