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Scumbag 101: How to build on other people's fame

I don't know if you already heard about the incident with what I'm gonna call an "excuse of a blogger" and perhaps an "excuse of an educated human being".

A person by the name of Ribal Abi Raad revived his blog after he got "inspired" by my post "Breakdown of AUB students" in an attempt to bash my blog post or entire blog or me as a person. He claims that he knows who I really am and bases his criticism on this assumption. It is ironic how someone thinks they know all about you if they met you once in your life (four years ago). I will refrain from defaming this scumbag even though he might deserve it. It is unfortunate how some people can be so tight-minded and cannot appreciate a piece of humor.

But what seems the most evident is how he chose perhaps the most popular post on this blog to revive his blog. I never thought that some people in the Lebanese blogosphere could swoop so low. Personally, I do not consider him part of this blogosphere because I know that the majority of the bloggers in Lebanon have higher morals than this, and if they ever want to criticize, they would do it constructively and discretely.

You can read his pitiful and pathetic post here. (Yes I don't care I'm directly linking to him, clicks are free so I don't care if I redirect to him or not). Below is a reply to some infamous quotes from his degrading post:

By all accounts my Monday morning could have had a way better start, but alas once again I find my day ruined by what can only be described as an arrogant narcissistic and judgmental piece of literature. That is if it can be considered literature, because to be honest I’d rather wipe my ass with a print out of this than actually read it. Anywho the article in question can be found here.

I am glad that I was able to ruin your Monday morning. If I was 7, I would have probably said that "your face is arrogant, narcissistic and judgements", but I'm not 7 (even though it might be true). You may think that your ass remark might have pissed me off, but actually it just shows how unprofessional and idiotic you are.
Enjoy this insult to all AUB students by a person whose existence is so shallow  and whose self esteem is so low that he had to resort to such useless antics to feel even slightly better about his pathetic little life.
I am also glad that you found it insulting to you, because you are the shallow lame one who cannot take a joke. You have no business criticizing my life since you are in no position to judge someone you do not know. My self esteem is just fine and low-lives like you are prime examples of things that boost my esteem more. You may think you know me but you most certainly don't. I would advise you to look into your own pathetic little life and try to fix your arrogant and hatred-filled mind rather than going online and bashing other people.
I would agree with you if I had not know the kind of person Mohammad is :D. Thanks for your info anyway. It is not a funny post. But it’s a form of built up resentment against fellow AUB students, that drove him to write this.
Again I stress that you do not know who I am so quit boasting around claiming that you do. It won't make a difference to me anyway because the people who I care about know who I truly am and I don't give a shit about people like you whose lives are enriched with gossip and judgements about people.

Also, for your information, this is not a built up resentment against fellow AUB students, unlike your very own post (where all the hatred seems to be festering). The majority of the students were able to identify with the post and found it humorous if not very realistic. If you are living under a rock and cannot see that these types of student exist, then that's your problem not mine.

Consider this as just a friendly reply as I haven't brought out the heavy weapons yet. Trust me you do not want to go to war against me because you will definitely lose and go crying to your momma.


  1. Yeah, I have to agree with Elia.
    When you create such controversial posts, you're going to get harsh criticism by people who get offended by it.

    And yes, sometimes, you get TRASH. And the best way to deal with trash, is to simply ignore it :)

    I think you gave the guy too much attention and free clicks for a posts that's hardly a few paragraphs long, versus your essay here :P


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