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Smoking banned in public places in Lebanon

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Today, the Lebanese Parliament endorsed a law that bans smoking in public or closed spaces. After years of debate on whether this law should be implemented, it has finally become a reality. Non-smokers have been overjoyed today with the news filling up the social timelines with their expressions of approval.

The law also bans any sort of tobacco advertising and promotions and considers them as an illegal act. These include all sorts of advertising media such as billboards, magazine ads, and TV commercials. The law also prevents any tobacco companies from sponsoring events and concerts.

In addition to that, all tobacco packs should now depict a pictorial warning of the dangers of smoking that should cover at least 40% of the package.

Fines will be imposed on citizens who are caught smoking in public or individuals who violate the smoking ban. Hotels, however, will be able to assign 10-20% of their rooms to smokers. Companies will be expected to start implementing the law very shortly.

Even though I am a non-smoker and prefer non-smoking areas over smoking ones, I believe that this law will be unfair to some companies, especially cafes whose major profits come from selling the traditional Narjileh (Arguileh, Hookah, Hubble Bubble, etc..) and will put many employees out of jobs. I really hope there will be a clause that exempts cafes from the smoking ban or at least give them special licenses to keep selling this service.

UPDATE: Unconfirmed sources: Implementation will start immediately in government buildings and for other  public places a year from the law's approval.

What do you think about this ban?


  1. They might be jobless, but at least they will be healthy.

    No, seriously, I'm sure people can come up with more creative solutions than Narjileh to bring people to their business. It's a positive thing if anything.

  2. Just because it is socially acceptable doesn't make it okay. Exempting the cafes would mean deeming it okay.

    inno, smoking is unethical, unhealthy, addictive, and time-wasting. it literally has *no* positives other than the social pro. If we keep giving leeway, things will never change.
    What they can do is grant cafes some time *more* than the rest of the companies to come up with a substitute.

  3. That is wonderful news, even more than I expected. The poor tobacco companies will need to look for more creative ways for marketing though , which will be very interesting.

  4. Noooooo.. i will miss malboro's horse, gitane frenchie Ad, among others.. As a lebanese living in montreal, I enjoy to party in lebanon more than in montreal coz i could drink and smoke inside!! I'm only happy for the pappazz that need to find other ways than cigars now in the clubs/bars...

    Elio R

  5. Do you really think the pubs would go would it? I feel as though it'll be one of those laws ignored.

  6. If you've ever been to a governmental bldg you would know that these will be the people that will have nothing more to do from now on ;)

  7. i occasionally smoked...and i dont anymore..and i dont do argileh.however i agree with you, this law comes by as pretty unfair. and all of a sudden

  8. I do agree that it is not fair for restaurants who make a living out of Arguileh. 3am ye2ta3o rez2et el 3alam. The people who smoke know the risks of smoking and they choose to do it either way. I totally agree that special licenses should be given to such cafes.

  9. Great news! Like Darine, I'm interested to see what Tobacco companies are going to do now! This is definitely a win for the Lebanese people! Onwards to a healthier, better lifestyle! :D

  10. I am really hoping that the law will be applied one day


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