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Introducing Lebanon’s Top Blog Aggregator: Lebanese Blogs

When Google pulled the plug on its RSS aggregator Google Reader last year, we lost the most powerful tool that we used to monitor what’s going on in the blogosphere.

For the Lebanese, however, there is a resource that can provide us with the latest posts from the Lebanese blogosphere. This resource is Lebanese Blogs by Mustapha Hamaoui (also famous for his political blog Beirut Spring). It is by far the most interactive and dynamic blog aggregator dedicated to the Lebanese online community especially after its new release, as others prove to be very stiff and outdated.

When asked for the reason for creating this site, Mustapha said “blog readers shouldn't waste their time searching for cool new Lebanese blogs and digging around for new posts. At the same time, bloggers shouldn't feel pressured to post everyday so that readers visit their blogs. This website hopes to solve both these problems and create a space for blog readers to visit every day to find cool posts.”

Blogs that are featured in this aggregator are chosen manually by Mustapha, as he says there are certain criteria that need to be met. “The blog has to be related to Lebanon and the blogger has to have a reasonable track record of sustainable blogging. Blogs are submitted via the website, where the editor [Mustapha] checks if they satisfy the criteria before entering them in the database.”

The site is updated every ten minutes with the latest blog post and offers the user some customization features like the ability to designate blogs as favorites, ability to save blog posts for future reference and the ability to change views: Timeline (like Facebook) and Compact (like Google Reader) in addition to the classic Card view. You can even read blogs based on different categories such as: Fashion & Style, Food & Health, Society & Fun News, Politics & Current Affairs, Tech & Business, Music, TV & Film and Advertising & Design.

So next time you are looking for something to read, log into and find the hidden gems from the Lebanese blogosphere.