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13 Ways to Piss off the Online Community

Thanks Wael for the photo!
Last week, I spoke at the Lebanon Opportunities' "Economic Sustainability During Crisis" Conference on February 19-20, 2014 at Phoenicia Hotel.

I was on a panel with Darine Sabbagh  – Marketing Collaborator of Online Collaborative, Luciana Younis – Social Media Strategist at Medco, Marie José Abed – Regional Communication Manager at HST (GS) and Ziad Kamel – Owner, Couqley and moderated by Maya Karanouh – Founder of TagBrands.

The topic of the panel was: Online Community Management.

Description:  What do community managers do and why should you care and invest in this emerging and fast growing profession. What should you know about if you are in charge of a brand? How has this new job description started and what issues does it face. What are the pros and cons of having an agency or in-house community manager? How does the community manager engage the consumer? What tools and third party services do they use? Does and don't. What the audience expects

I spoke about the online community and what upsets it. The online community is an important part of any brand's public relations. It can make a huge difference for a brand resulting in more profit or loss and even in some cases bankruptcy. This presentation details 13 mistakes to avoid for brands to be on the safe side.

You can see the rest of the conference presentations here.