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If I could ever choose, what would I choose? Sometimes looking forward to the future could get me excited and at other times it would make me feel drained, and like the whole world could in a minute become bleak and lonely. At other times I find myself thinking, lost in my own thoughts about my future and how I would like it to be, and as the days go by I notice how its ever changing never constant for a duration of more than one month. I am only human, and everyday I am always seeking something new, something more satisfying; but there are always those things we all wish we would have forever. And I sit and think and count and classify according to priorities what I would want to keep forever. The results I get is me writing, saying, thinking the same thing. Family. That’s the only thing I would want to always be the same never changing. You would ask me, Why? Well, I will explain my reasons in the paragraphs that follow.
In the years that I have spent alive, and around my family, the only way I have ever identified with them is by knowing that they were my safe haven from the world, giving me absolute fulfillment. My family has always encouraged me to work hard, be true to myself and love fearlessly. At times I would feel like I was far removed and as though I was from another world, but as soon as I reach home walk in through the doors and see my mother waiting for me, with the biggest and warmest smile , I know that I am understood. And within those walls I am accepted and never judged. And if I were ever to be judged it would only positive criticism that would encourage me to change for the better, and work on myself. Yes with them I belong, I am a part of a larger clan if I may call it that. And nothing else ever matters. This is could be one of the reasons I would be able to let go of everything but could never afford having my family removed from my life.
Intimate relationships play a central role in our overall human experience, love and trust making up the essence of it all. This is where individuals could for seconds at a time escape the rough competitiveness of society that sometimes dehumanizes you. Family is where warmth, tenderness and undivided attention could be received. Families protect you the world, make you stronger and fight for you. No matter how the world turns and whatever hand fate deals, you are sure to fall down standing on your feet, because your family are the only ones who will forever love you no matter what. No matter how.
We are who we are, we didn’t choose to be born and raised a certain way, but we were. This fact of reality is something we can never change. We are identified and classified as to who we are, where we belong and where we come from. And the more we know our own family, the more we know ourselves. Close relationships are important for emotional wellbeing throughout out lives, however short or long they may be. I am my parents, but on a smaller scale with less experience. In a few years I will be my parents, I would always want them to be around, sometimes I think that when I do actually reach a time where I look in the mirror and remember them, instead of see them; I would truly for the final time in my life know how much different I would’ve been without their love and care. I would miss them and I would know how I am nothing without them.
With all that said, we can never live alone. And no matter how many friends, lovers and acquaintances you have, at the end of the day everyone is looking out for their best interest. Survival of the fittest! But not your family, your family are defined by your existence, just like you are by theirs. This sense of knowing who I am, I would never trade for anything in the world. I would forever want them beside me, and that way I would forever know me.

Aurore M.