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The Ugly Truth

It's been a while since I blogged, so here's my 5 cents of the day:

It is really bizarre how we get people into our lives and believe that we are really aware of the persons they are, and suddenly… this image simply fades away in a split of second. It takes a lot of effort to trust others and when we trust them, we trust blindly. but then again, every person is hiding behind a mask carrying a mysterious and a totally different person within. Whether they are friends or lovers, they are always not the people we thought they are… somehow and in some way this hidden person appears…This reality leaves us cynical, doubting every single person we meet. This reality makes us not only wiser but also extremely cautious and... hurt. The fact that we trust others so blindly and then finding out that they are not who we thought they are, hurts, deeply hurts… we give all what we have and from the bottom of our hearts and then we realize that this person is even appreciating…after exhausting all our efforts on them, we come to realize that it is just a waste of feelings.
Some of you might think that I am bitter or pessimistic; no… unfortunately this is the ugly reality.

We should stop living in this perfect bubble and acknowledge this reality so we don’t get scarred from the damage that any person might cause…


  1. I agree. Even though we are created to be genuinely good, the times now are a lot different than before and it would be wise to keep our guard up, to be aware of the possibilities that just might happen. :) Anyway, just passing through!


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