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Revenge from Yellow

Warm like summer
it makes me uncertain
unsafe and exposed

I hate summer
too much heat
too much sweat

queasy yellow
who came up with it?
such a perky color
I hate perky

yellow is evil
if God likes yellow
he would have made the sun blue
and the sky yellow

sunflower yellow
gay smiling flowers
chasing the yellow sun

bananas are yellow
an excuse for a fruit
full of starchy starch
like eating pounded rice
with sugar

urine is yellow
makes me nauseous
even angry
reminds of diseases

but yellow is so fresh
they say
don't you know
I am only happy when I am depressed?
I am only happy at night
when the prancing sun is away
and the moon is out?

yellow makes people happy
gives them confidence
gives them warmth
God I hate yellow!

Mohammad Hijazi