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Mind Soup is out of Beta!

At 6:00 PM (+2GMT) today, Mind Soup was relaunched, and this time it finally got out of Beta Testing after almost 3 months in this stage.
The relaunch included a attractive design which new colors and less clutter.
Most of the problems that were in version 2.0 are fixed, these include:
  • The reactions buttons are now working.
  • The comments section is now working.
  • The date and time is also showing up on posts.
  • Less broken links than before
The changes that you might notice is that there are much fewer widgets in the sidebars, and this was intentional to speed up the site and keep the focus on the blog posts themselves. Chat has been removed and this might be permanent now the comments section is working.

However, many options are still available through the bottom toolbar. These options may not be present in the sidebars, but you can access them through the toolbar. These include: Newest notifications, twitter summary page, facebook fan page, sharing button, RSS feeds, more than 1,200 of the webs hottest games, random posts, recent posts summary page, translating to 10 different languages other than English, and quick search with the ability to search the web directly from the toolbar. Note that you can hide the toolbar for your convenience when reading using the down arrows on the right.

You can also still access the blog from your mobile devices with limited quota by pointing your mobile browser to:

More features might be coming soon, but for now, and on behalf of the Mind Soup team, I hope you enjoy the remodeled version of the site.