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Korean Man Marries Pillow

Remember that episode of "30 Rock" where James Franco's character was in love with a pillow? Oh that was so funny. You know, because it was a scripted television show. Not real life. I wouldn't think that would need such a distinction, but then again, I wouldn't expect a man in Korea to marry a pillow.

But according to the UK Metro, this is precisely what happened, as Lee Jin-gyu has made a body pillow his bride.

This isn't the time to go into a "If a man in Korea can marry a pillow, how is gay marriage still..." tirade. This is a time to just let your jaw hit the floor and bask in the ridiculousness of this happening. (Plus, it's not like he married a Robert Pattinson pillow. That'd be gay. Clearly the guy prefers female pillows, as he printed a busty anime character on the side.)

If you're dying to see the happy newlyweds in action, here's a look at their day at the amusement park. You must be this crazy to ride the roller coasters.


  1. Like a typical man, he rushed into marriage too soon!! He could've married one of these exquisite beauties:


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