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When You’re Older You’ll Understand

Three years old
he was that day.
A party for him,
he was surprised.
Preschoolers were festive
desiring the creamy toffee cake,
running hyper,
being silly.

His hands brushing his ginger curly hair,
he adjusted his goofy glasses
glaring across with dopey eyes,
his mouth watering
for a velvety chocolate treat.
He wanted the big piece;
after all,
he was the prince that day.

Much more
is what he got,
what happened to him
he didn't anticipate.

He saw a Barbie approaching him,
her golden hair tied in a bun.
He stared into her sapphire eyes,
he was staring into a cloudless sky
that was reflecting onto her dress.

A soft peck,
she landed on his cheek.
A tingly feeling
from her cloud lips,
made him smile;
it was something he hadn't felt before.

His grin slowly disappeared.
He was very righteous
he felt muddled.

His eyes strayed away
glancing at his mom,
her witty smile blossomed
as if telling him:
when you're older
you will understand.