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I was doing some google search a while ago and I was totally struck by's front page. (not even the Lebanese version that I don't use because it returns the search in Arabic even though I try to change it all the time) has the Lebanese flag on its main logo to celebrate Lebanese Independences day which falls today (November 22).

I'm glad that at least google is giving this day some attention. Personally, I don't care that much since I don't believe that Lebanon is completely independent anyway.

Ironically if you press on the link, you would see this leads to a search result for "Lebanon Independence Day". The third result for this search would be: PressTV - Iran hails Lebanon Independence Day. Could my point BE any more proven?
Snap shot from
Happy Lebanese Independence Everyone!


  1. Outside of Lebanon, the Google main page is normal. I had to type to see what you guys see in Lebanon.

  2. well duh daisy. what good would the lebanese flag do to someone running a search in say finland. of course this was always going to be tailored to

  3. No daisy apparently it applies to google international as well.

  4. How about we bring the French back?
    Would you people please stop with the we-are-not-independent cliche!

    Be safe,

  5. How about you all get a hold of yourself the google page returns images based on IP addresses. So if you happen to live OUTSIDE of lebanon or are using a stolen internet connection it will just return the normal google homepage
    God lebanese and their vanity!!

  6. LOL @ all the comments. Yes, I am aware that Google is aware of the IP addresses. I just wanted to point this out in case people in Lebanon thought that everyone who goes to doesn't think that it's this way all over the world.

  7. I love u daisy, u seem hot

  8. are you turning a blind I for KSA , SYRIA , USA , EU ,.... even Srilanka !!!!


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