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Mind Soup featured in Trashed Magazine

Mind Soup was featured in TimeOut Beirut's student magazine Trashed in its pilot issue. Even though I have been very lately and not posting regularly, I'm very glad that the blog is still getting a lot hits and publicity. Im very excited that we will reach 100,000 visitors this month.

A snapshot from the magazine

The text reads:
Mohammad Hijazi, 21, Biology and Business Administration, AUB

Mind Soup is a cultural blog about Lebanon and the Middle East. It contains posts about various topics including music videos, fun news, entertainment, politics, science, sports, poetry, fails, technology and much more. The blog has several contributers, mainly Moudz and Daisy who maintain the blog. Recurrent topics include student life, Lebanon, Beirut, Middle East, and AUB.


  1. hmmm.. that's weird.. Try checking it out on our facebook page:

  2. Doesn't it feel nice to be featured?! This is great, congrats!


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