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Non-AUB guests entrance to campus for "Blogging Lebanon"

We have been asked several times this week if non-AUB people can attend the "Blogging Lebanon" event which is taking place on December 3 in the American University of Beirut. And the answer is Of Course.

However due to AUB's strict security policy, non-AUB guest will have to bring with them an official form of identification. These include an official Lebanese ID (hawiye), Ikhraj Qayd or Passport. This will definitely facilitate your entrance to campus. AUBOC will try its best to minimize these security measures as best as possible, but please make sure you have one of the above forms of identification.

For AUB alumni, it is recommended that they bring you Almuni ID, yet, any other form of identification would be fine.

If for some reason you face any problems with having access to campus, please call AUBOC's president Mohammad Hijazi at this number 70-920 641.


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