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DRM fails at marketing

Following up to my earlier "What's missing in Hamra" post and after the awaited reveler for the unfortunate teaser campaign (online and offline), it became apparent that this campaign is for a "clubbing" experience by the Democratic Republic of Music having free-entrance clubbing parties every Saturday.

After getting reaction from many people online and in my office, everyone agreed that the "What's missing in Hanra" teaser campaign was inadequate for this campaign for many reason, primarily because Hamra is not lacking such "parties" especially that it is slowly becoming a new Gemmayze, Everyone was expecting something more meaningful from such a campaign like a public library, public garden or something that would benefit the general public.

But this is not the bad part.

After being criticized by many on facebook, they have failed to respond positively to criticism. In a facebook message sent to the attendees of the facebook event, they wrote:

"To the clubbers I say see you on the 23rd.
To the pooh pooh crowd I say pooh pooh to you too..."

In other words, they mean "yalle mesh 3ejbo, la tize." I'm not gonna even speak about the importance of having manners while marketing for your brand.

Screenshot from their facebook event page
I'm gonna point out, however, how badly this campaign has back-fired for them. Instead of improving their brand image, it has successfully devalued it and made them look extremely unprofessional.

Add to that their poor knowledge in social media where they have created a closed facebook group for their campaign (not a public facebook PAGE), after "the event page's purpose has been served".

It pisses me off to see that whoever thinks he came up with a 'great drunken idea' also thinks that they are masters in marketing as well.


  1. So true!!!! I imagined something really original! not another clubbing related thing.. I directly deleted the event

  2. Some error in judgements were made. They made some mistakes marketing this event.

  3. They mishandled their marketing strategy. Some mistakes were made. They should definitely improve their presence online. The presence on twitter is almost non-existent.

  4. They're not that 'democratic' after all!

  5. Points taken, with many thanks.
    It's true MY campaign had shortcomings. I insist in stressing that the facebook event page was my responsibility, not DRMs. It was intended as a gimmick, a bit of fun, and I wasn't expecting this avalanche. Nevertheless, live and learn.
    However, your comments on my response to criticism is simply NOT true. I responded well to constructive criticism, and poorly to poor criticism. I could send you the many many emails I received from people I don't know, pointing out the shortcomings and kindly giving me advice on how to rectify MY (not DRMs) approach.
    Finally, I'd like to point out that while we ALL root for "meaningful" things for Hamra, a decent dance venue IS missing, my inadequate 'campaign' notwithstanding. I am not Saatchi, but I Love Hamra, and will roll with all the punches for Hamra's good, so keep 'em coming.

  6. Well Mr. Chico,
    First of all your campaign represents DRM. Even if it was your responsibility, your actions reflect DRM because you are marketing their venue and events.
    Second, a marketing campaign (online and offline -- including all the posters that has been plastered as wallpaper in Hamra) cannot be done haphazardly, it needs studying and market research.
    Third, you NEVER respond to poor criticism poorly (when representing a company), especially publicly the way you did. You always have to treat any kind of criticism well because declaring war on all the people who criticize you (and there's A LOOOT OF THEM), your brand image will deteriorate enormously! Again, I stress, whatever you do personally on DRM's pages, it will reflect badly on them, not just yourself. Keep that in mind!
    Furthermore, I would be glad to help you out with actual marketing if you'd like, you may contact me at moudz.mindsoup (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. Gino, I'm gonna tattoo Hamra on your face next time I see you! :P

  8. Again, all points taken, with thanks.
    And thank you for the offer.

    peace (said the hot-head)


  9. @Moudz I waiting to see that tattoo on Gino face

  10. I'd like to also say that they respond badly to criticism online, they also do so live! I was there for Soad Massi's concert and I still can't believe how rude they were to me. After spending the evening trying to find one decent spot to stand up and being pushed around by waiters, one of the people in charge was practically shouting at me and saying that's I'm too stupid to understand that my 50$ ticket only gives me the right to step into DRM and gives me no other privileges. I was called "snobish" - "hay mechkleton el lebnenyeh" - because I dared to say that I expected at least a decent spot to stand up during the concert. It was all in all extremely disappointing and unprofessional!


  11. This discussion is way too serious for what was intended. Chill:)

  12. Interesting post and comment feed! I agree with your points Moudz!


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