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What is missing in Hamra?

I have been seeing these posters all over Hamra and I am really curious to what they are about! Everyone knows how much I love Hamra so I am really excited to know what it is about.

The event page on facebook says:
There has never been something like this in Hamra.
You will definitely want to experience it...
HINT #1: There's no entrance fee
HINT #2: It's not outdoors
HINT #3: It's a nocturnal activity 
Some people are guessing a public library, a theater or a cinema, free parking, a concert, etc... What do you think it is?

Update: HINT #4: "Many of you expressed very valid hopes and wishes we all share for our home, cocoon, first and last love; our Hamra. But seriously, who'd campaign for parks/freedom of speech/benches/free parking/public bathrooms/etc etc... with an event on a Saturday night that starts at 10:00 pm and ends at 6:00 am Sunday morning? That was clear from the start, and we make no apologies to the misled. We all want our Hamra to be a constantly improving place. We can and will do our utmost to achieve that, but that won't stop us from having a lot of fun in the meantime. In Hamra!"

Meh. It seems like a lame concert. I was hoping for something much better. Marketing #Fail


  1. maybe some new resto with light eating and free internet

  2. Yes u r right dear... but i guess something as they say.. nocturnal activity...

  3. a huge parking..

  4. if it doesnt fit your own expectations it doesnt mean it is lame :)
    and it is true Hamra is missing a clubbing venue most of lebanon is!
    where you can put on some sneakers and just dance and dance!


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