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Welcome Ramadan this year with Istibaneh in Beirut

What is the "Istibaneh"?

On the 29th of Sha’aban, the people of Beirut and the people of the heights surrounding the city used to gather on the shores of Al-Awzai, Ramla Al-Bayda, Al-Rawsheh, Al-Manara and Al-Somteya, with the purpose of identifying the al-Hilal, which is the inaugural sign of the Holy month of Ramadan. They took with them to these shores some food to spend the time while waiting for the sunset in order to spot the Hilal. Once they would spot the emergence of the crescent, canons would be fired on the hilltop of the seraglio (al-Sarai) declaring the start of the Holy month of Ramadan.

What's happening this year?
"Istibaneh" is taking place this year on July 30th, 2011 at Ein El Mraysseh Corniche facing the Mosque. The event is organized by three NGOs:
  • Kitaf El Kheir Association (President Dr. Abla Bsat Jumaa)
  • Sinno Family League: (President Mhamad Khales Sinno)
  • Moultaka Chabab Beirut: (President Cheick Omar Chebaro)
The event, which will begin at 6:30 PM on, will have several entertainment shows and activities taking place as well as kite flying and a kite flying competition and even a Imshrati! During the event, children from Dr. Mohammad Khaled's Social Foundation will be joining you and your children at the Istibaneh event.

The music during the event will be a combination of Ramadan music and music presented by the Muslim Scout Association of Lebanon. Also, food and beverages will be sold so that you can quench your hunger and thirst while enjoying a traditional family outing, before the Holy month of Ramadan commences.

Entertainment Shows:
  • Clowns
  • Mimes
  • Jugglers
  • Balloon Modeling expert
  • Stills
  • Face Painting
Kite Flying, Kite Competition & Rewards

The children of Beirut and their families are encouraged to take part in the kite flying as well as in the kite flying competitions. A panel of judges will evaluate the competition and the rewards will be distributed to the participants with the winning kites according to several set categories. For example, a reward will be given to the participant with the highest kite flown; another reward will be given to the participant with the most beautiful kite etc. The purpose of the kite flying and the kite flying competition is to have the participants in the event look up as older generations used to in order to spot the crescent (al-Hilal).

Praising session for the Prophet (PBUH)
The Istibaneh event will be concluded with a praising session for the Prophet (PBUH) at 8:30 pm by the musical band Mouzarza’a.


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