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Best Three Burgers in Beirut?

Since Gino is looking for Beirut's Favorite Burger, I thought I would share with you three burgers that I believe are the best I've had in Beirut (aside from my mom's homemade burger of course!). Let me know what you think and do suggest some good burgers for me to try!

Roadster Diner's Cheese-at-Heart burger
Roadster Diner have recently launched their new menu (read more about it by Pearl's Powder). A new addition is the "Rd Cheese-at-Heart" burger which is made of a special patty stuffed with Swiss and Cheddar cheese (yes! the meat patty is stuffed with cheese!). It also contains lettuce, crispy chips sprinkles (which gives the burger and absolutely lovely crunchy flavor) and the amazing Rd classic sauce (which is the reason why I used to order the Classic Burger before).

It's definitely recommended that you try this burger in-store so that you can indulge in the melted cheese and crispy chips. The price is not expensive as well! (I've had this burger four times in the last week!)

Loulwa, myself, Darine and Walid enjoying the Cheese-at-Heart burger at Rd's New Menu Tasting!

Deek Duke's Chicken Press Burger
My favorite burger since last year has to be Deek Duke's Chicken Press burger. What's unique about this burger is that it contains a big breaded ball of mixed cheese (a mega edition of Deek Duke’s famous cheese balls). The burger comes with a tiny flag stuck on stop that says "Press me". Once you press the burger, the cheese ball bursts and the burger oozes out delicious thick cheese that covers the grilled chicken patty. The burger also contains lettuce, tomato, pickles and Deek Duke's cocktail sauce. You can also order the burger with a meat patty instead.

Check out the short video below of my friend Weam talking about Deek Duke's Chicken Press Burger. A must-try if you haven't had it yet!

Lord of the Wings's Make-Your-Own Burger
Lord of the Wings is probably the last place you would consider going to for a burger (and I find it largely ironic). They do have good wings, but I don't remember the last time I went there to have wings because they have the best burgers I've had. The service is usually slow (even when there is no one else at the place), but that is a sign that they are cooking everything fresh. I usually make my own burger that includes a white or brown bun, beef paty, delicious blue cheese, lettuce, grilled tomato and onions, mushrooms and pickles (or jalapenos if I am feeling spicy) with honey mustard sauce and blue cheese sauce on the side. And it is absolutely delicious (and definitely beats Classic Burger Joint's Blue Cheese Burger). Every part of the burger is freshly chopped and cooked and put together perfectly as if I have done it myself at home. They also have the best fries according to Zoozel so make sure you try them out!

Misho indulging in his burger at Lord of The Wings


  1. I agree completely about LotW burgers. I usually go and have 4 wings and then make my own burger, like you said, everything always tastes fresh.

  2. Never Tried LOrd of the Wings Burgers! I guess I missed those :$:$

  3. i love classic burger joint, i guess its the number one for me. the worst for me is the burger co, they are stupid...

    1. You sound like a child, grow up a little...Did anyone take your toy?

  4. Dear Mohammad,

    We are so glad that you enjoyed our Rd Cheese-at-Heart! We want to thank you for your lovely post and hope to see you very soon.

    Have a great day,

    Hady C
    Roadster diner

  5. Dear Mohammad,

    We are so happy that you have chosen Deek Duke's Chicken press burger as your #1 burger :)

    We are sincerely looking forward to seeing you in our Deek Duke branches soon, and we thank you for the lovely blog post.

    Have an amazing day,

    Hady C
    Deek Duke

  6. Just another acclamation:" Best chicken wings ever", "Best burger in Beirut" . Thank you Mohammed for choosing Lord of the Wings' burger as Beirut's best!

    Lord of the Wings

  7. I haven't ever tried Cow and Apple, but I've heard they are good. Also Classic Burger makes incredible burgers! As does Le Sam on Bliss Street

  8. Hellօ, I log оn tо yоur blog regularly. Υoᥙr witing style іs awesome, кeep up thе ցood ᴡork!


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