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Happy 3rd Birthday to Mind Soup!

Who's gonna get me a cupcake?
This week, Mind Soup turns three, though it seems that I have been blogging for a much longer time. It has been a great year for the blog; featured several times in print and on Al Jazeera as well as cited in several studies and MBA thesis projects so I'm proud :')

I'd love to thank all my readers especially my friends who have always shown great support in my blog and kept it going even when I had absolutely no time to update it. At the beginning of this year, I was thinking that this would be the last year for the blog but with all this encouragement and exposure, I just couldn't retire it.

Yesterday, Mind Soup's facebook page received its 1000th like, and that is possibly the best birthday present :)

So here's to many years to come and may you always come back and find fresh posts!


  1. Happy Bday!

    Keep up the gr8 work with the blog! :)

  2. Happy Birthday to my favorite blog!!!

  3. A very happy birthday to you :) I wonder what that means in human age though... I would say 1 blog year is 9 human years? So happy 27th birthday!

  4. The entire Roadster diner team would like to wish your blog a happy birthday!

    We look forward to reading more posts!

    The Rd Team!

  5. Dearest Mind Soup,

    The Deek Duke team wish you a blissful and wonderful birthday!

    We are looking forward to reading new and exciting posts in the many years to come!

    Happy Birthday again!
    The entire Deek Duke Team!

  6. Hey congrats in your blog I found it 'cause of ur post on !5 reasons to date a biologist, so good. I'm actually a biologist are you one too? Well I love ur blog you should check mine out to: and join my site if you like it! :) Best wishes,



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