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He will legally rape you!

The “Coalition for the Protection of Women,” is a group of Lebanese citizens who refuse the perpetuation of the violence against women under the protection of existing antiquated laws. They stand by the women of their country, who have been raped, beaten and those who have decided that oppression and discrimination under the guise of law is no longer acceptable.

As such, they are calling on the parliamentary subcommittee chaired by MP Samir El-Gisr to halt its subversive activity related to amending a draft law to protect women from conjugal violence originally proposed by the Kafa Association in 2007. The committee has come under significant political pressure from special interest groups who seek to amend the law to ensure that it is ineffective and inapplicable. These amendments have rid the original text of its specificity by expanding it to the rights of children, elderly, men thus maintaining the imbalance of the Lebanese legal code vis-à-vis women.

In light of this grave danger to the rights of at least half of the Lebanese population, and based on their commitment to justice, human rights as well as need to modernize the penal laws, they have decided to organize a sit-in on Saturday, February 18th 2012, from 11am until 2pm, at the Samir Kassir Square. The goal of the demonstration is to pressure the parliamentary committee to stop undermining the original draft law that provides women with sufficient legal and enforceable protection when faced with conjugal violence.

I will personally follow up on this issue and you can expect updates here or on Mind Soup's facebook page. I will also be joining the sit-in along with a group of Lebanon's prominent bloggers and I expect my readers, males and females, to join the sit-in.

It's not enough that Lebanese women cannot pass the nationality to their children, but now they are getting their most basic civil rights violated. And you know what else is funny? The Lebanese government rejected the below advertisement (to go public on billboards) because it contains the word "rape"! It seems that we don't have the right to protest against rape in this country! SHAME! Shame on these politicians who only care about their pockets. What would it take them to reconsider their shameless amendments? What if their sisters or wives or mothers or daughters got raped? Would they stand up then?

"دافِع حقك"

تزوّجها، وكأنه اشترى غرضًا يلبّي شهواته وغرائزه. تزوّجها، وكأنه استعبدها. لا إرادة لها ولا رأي. يقتصر دورها على تلبية رغباته الجنسية، حيثما يشاء، وعندما يريد.

بدأت حياة "سهى" (إسم مستعار) مع زوجها بالأوجاع الجسدية التي كانت تتحمّلها حفاظا على زواجها. كان يضربها لأتفه الأسباب، فقررت عدم الإنجاب منه، لأنها استبقت العذاب الذي سيعاني منه أولادها، مع رجل كزوجها.

ولكنّه واظب على إجبارها على منحه "حقوقه الزوجية" بالقوة، فهو، على حدّ تعبيره، "دافع حقها". كان يكبّلها عندما تستفيق شهوته ليشلّ مقاومتها ويضعف جسدها أمام "رجولته" الوهمية. ولم يكتفِ بذلك، بل كان يوقظها من النوم لتشهد على خياناته لها في عقر دارها!

وبعدما أثبت مرارًا عجز "سهى" أمام "رجولته"، شهوته الجنسية لم توفّر بناته! فاغتصبهنّ ولم تقف أبوّته حاجزًا أمام غرائزه.
ويوم قررت الأم اللجوء إلى القانون لحماية نفسها وبناتها من زوجها، قوبلت بالإستهتار لأن الأجهزة المختصة لا تريد التدخّل في العلاقات العائلية.

"لأنو من حق سهى يكون في قانون يحميلها حقها!

شاركوا تجمع "لحماية المرأة" في التحرك يوم السبت ۱۸ شباط ۲۰۱۲، من الساعة الحادية عشرة صباحًا حتى الثانية ظهرًا في ساحة سمير قصير، لدعم مشروع قانون حماية النساء من العنف الأسري، ليكون الحماية للنساء في لبنان من كافة أشكال العنف الذي يتعرّضن له داخل الأسرة.