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Caught in an autumn rain

Our lives
were full of sunshine
together day and night.
The sun bright
up in vanilla skies
reaching out
like wings of a dove,
the light barefoot
gently swifting
through tree branches.

A hot breeze blew,
our dreams fell
the lantern of our nights faded
searching for the moon
to give us royal light.
Where are you moon?
There was no moon.

Veins of a maple leaf
hugging the rain
that falls without doubt.
Winds carry leaves away,
you are lost,
lost in the sounds
of what you hear,
wind, autumn's careless bride
walking forever in a season.

The sun has come and left.

the wind blew
cold defeating your warmth,
tears dripping
on your velvet dress,
erasing photos
erasing memories.
The rain cheapening
your human tears.
We did not believe
that fate
is our fate.

We thought
the universe began
with us,
there were only two,
the two of us.
Wistful hearts ached
when years tumbled
when horizons kept broadening
until continents came between,
burning tinted lives
until all dew
vanished from the roses
and leaves stopped falling
from branches
that refused to bend.

You stayed there all alone
childhood memories
childhood dreams.
There was no body
no sound
not even an echo
calling you
asking you what was wrong?

You do not really know
the reason, yet
white will come
after this is done.
I've left behind
sun yellow
and sky blue.
You will find it strange
how this season
keeps reminding you
of me.