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Majida El-Roumi Concert in AUB (July 2009)

Majida El-Roumi, the famous Lebanese singer, held a concert in my university AUB. I was the official photographer of the event for the AUB campus yearbook. In this video, AUB President Dorman introducing Majida El Roumi during the AUB Concert in July. You can watch the full concert on youtube by following the sequence of videos.

Below is the news article I wrote about the event and some photos of me and my friends.

A night of rose-filled terraces
مساءٍ وردي الشرفات

After receiving an Honorary Doctorate degree from AUB on commencement day, Majida El-Roumi, the famous Lebanese icon and singer, returned to AUB on Sunday, the fifth of July for a concert which was long awaited for by her fans in AUB and all over Lebanon. It is worth mentioning that profits from this concert went to the AUB scholarship fund. In an interview contacted with her after the concert, El-Roumi said that this concert was dedicated to the students of AUB who would like to continue their education. Moreover, she was grateful for receiving an honorary degree from AUB and was delighted to see her family, friends and fans. She described that night as “one of the best days I have lived on this earth”.

More than 4,000 people were present in the Green Field that night, including several public figures. Among the VIPs were PM Fouad Sanioura, Dr. Samir Geagea, PM Najib Mikati, May Chidiac and several other ministers, journalists and influential figures who all seemed to enjoy the concert. The AUB press were the only journalists allowed backstage when Majida El-Roumi was carried up stage escorted by her manager, hair dresser and several other personnel who helped lift her long white elegant dress up the stairs.

President Peter Dorman commenced the concert with a short word welcoming El-Roumi to AUB. The songs were organized in chronological order while Majida El-Roumi told bits and pieces of her biography to the audience. She sang more than ten of her most famous songs, and also medleys of heritage songs that pleased the audience. She was accompanied by a full orchestra, with the famous musician Michel Fadel on the piano. The crowd was energetic and responsive, especially towards the end where the songs became more lively. Groups of “dabke” dancers were clustered on the edges of Green Field when the songs became patriotic.

In an interview with PM Sanioura, he said: “Tonight’s concert was very successful, and I personally enjoyed it very much. Majida is a great and talented artist who have made Lebanon proud and raised its name internationally.”

This has not been the first fundraising concert for scholarship funds by Majida El-Roumi in AUB. The last concert was held in Forum Du Beirut on November 26, 2005. But without doubt, this concert was more successful, perhaps because of a more stable political situation, breezy summer weather and perfect timing.

Photos copyright to AUB Campus Yearbook: Mohammad Hijazi & Sara Matar.

Here's one of the songs from that night that show her vocals. Its a tribute to Lebanon.