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Man auctions permanent advertising tattoo on back of neck

A 25-year-old man from Maine is auctioning off the back of his neck as advertising space. The winning bidder can put a permanent tattoo ad on the back of Mark's neck.

Mark Greenlaw from Biddeford, Maine has ran crazy auctions since the day he started the all famous but nothing could prepare him for his newest adventure. The 25 year old has decided to offer a permanent advertising spot on the back of his neck to the highest bidder, when sitting down with Mark Greenlaw he had a smile that would make you think he was just your normal crazy guy, in reality he is a very nice guy at age 25.

Mark Greenlaw

Mark Greenlaw has three kids ages 5, 3, and 2 his exact words to me were “I am doing this auction to help support my family and if it takes a little pain and a logo on the back of my neck to do so then I will do it.” When asked does it bother you that this company will be branded on you for life? He replied: “Not at all I think it will be fun for both myself and the company, just image the media exposure the company will receive.”

Mark Greenlaw’s auction can be found on the world famous auction site E-bay his user ID is maineelectronics the auction currently has one bid of ninety nine cents but the reserve has yet to be met, The auction was closed on January 25, 2006 and you can also search for this auction by the auction ID which is 5657013788.

In the auction Mark Greenlaw has stated that a Portland, Maine based radio station WPOR with DJ Joe Lerman will be doing a live interview with him on Wednesday, January 18 and during that interview he will tell the listeners who the highest bidder is and what their company is.

An update on this story will be posted soon.