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20 Worst-Paying College Degrees in 2010

YAHOO: If you want to avoid the worst-paying college degrees, think twice before choosing a college major that involves children.

Included among the 20 worst-paying college degrees are elementary education, special education, social work and child and family studies. That's the conclusion of the latest annual study of college degrees by Payscale, Inc. that compiled starting and mid-career pay for dozens of college majors.

Child and family studies earned the honors as the worst-paying college major. The average graduate earns a beginning salary of $29,500. What's equally discouraging is that the salary of someone in this field will barely budge after 15 years in the profession.

Food is another common theme for students who major in the worst-paying college degrees. Students who earn degrees in horticulture, dietetics and the culinary arts are more likely to end up struggling financially.

College DegreeStarting PayMid-Career Pay
1. Child and Family Studies$29,500$38,400
2. Elementary Education$31,600$44,400
3. Social Work$31,800$44,900
4. Athletic Training$32,800$45,700
5. Culinary Arts$35,900$50,600
6. Horticulture$35,000$50,800
7. Paralegal Studies/Law$35,100$51,300
8. Theology$34,700$51,300
9. Recreation & Leisure$33,300$53,200
10. Special Education$36,000$53,800
11. Dietetics$40,400$54,200
12. Religious Studies$34,700$54,400
13. Art$33,500$54,800
14. Education$35,100$54,900
15. Interdisciplinary Studies$35,600$55,700
16. Interior Design$34,400$56,600
17. Nutrition$42,200$56,700
18. Graphic Design$35,400$56,800
19. Music$36,700$57,000
20. Art History$39,400$57,100

If you'd rather end up with one of the best-paying college degrees, you'll have to major in something that requires a lot of math classes.


  1. It is a sad day when people have failed to realize the importance of education and of educators. This does not bode well for the generation of the future..


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