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Spare change for a car wash? $11,000 car wash in Britain!

SWNSPetrol-head Gurcharn Sahota charges a staggering £7,200 for Britain’s most expensive car wash which he does – from his PARENTS’ GARAGE.

Car-nut Gurcharn, 30, has a string of celebrity clients and takes up to 250 HOURS to clean each motor.
He has cleaned hundreds of dream machines including a Lamborghini Gallardo (pictured), Bugatti Veyron and an orange McLaren F1 GTR worth £5 million.

Since he started the business five years ago he has travelled the world with his hi-tech kit which includes a microscope, 100 cleaning fluids and £8,200 car wax.

Gurcharn charges customers up to £7,200 for a wash which includes polishing and buffing every inch of the car inside and out – FIVE times.

He even uses a computerised microscope – normally used by forensic scientists – to examine the body work for the minutest scratch not even visible to the naked eye.
Gurcharn, who drives an iconic MK1 Volkswagen Golf GTi, started his passion for cleaning by washing his neighbours’ cars with a bucket and a sponge – for FREE.
He said: ”When I was younger I washed neighbours’ cars and my dad’s car whenever I could.
”They never paid me, I loved it so much I did it for free."
”Things have built up from there and now I’m cleaning some of the fastest, most powerful sports cars in the world."
”People come to me and they want the best treatment going for their car."
”If you’ve got a £500,000 car then a few grand for cleaning is worth it."
”Sometimes I’ll work through the night to get a car looking absolutely pristine."
”They’re world class motors that deserve a world class wash.”
Gurcharn, who still lives with his parents, has converted their double garage into a hi-tech workshop.
He built a Formula 1-style pit for scrubbing the underneath of cars and layered the entire workshop floor and walls with specialist tiles imported from Italy which help reflect flecks of dirt on the cars.
After spending hundreds of hours cleaning by hand he uses a £5,000 computerised microscope which examines the car for blotches and scratches.
His proud parents Gurbinder, 55, and Amarjit, 53, were so impressed with their son’s work they converted their double garage into a hi-tech workshop for his business.
Gurcharn studied accountancy at university but practiced in his friend’s body workshop in Birmingham.
He moved home to start his car detailing business ‘Elite Detailing’ cleaning cars in his mum and dad’s garage.
Rich drivers flocked from hundreds of miles away to his mum’s garage to have their motors’ body work cleaned.
Customers – including ‘Mr Loophole’ Nick Freeman – have even flown Gurcharn as far away as Jordan, Germany, Monaco and Brussels for his services.
He travels with up to 100 different cleaning fluids that need special clearance at customs. The wax alone he uses costs a cool £8,200 a tub.
It can take up to 250 hours to clean for super-rich customers including footballers, musicians, actors and stockbrokers.
Gurcharn first sprays the car with a degreaser to loosen any mud then jet washes it to get the worst off.
Next he wipes the vehicle with a lambs-wool mitten dunked in warm soapy water before jet washing it again.
Gurcharn sprays the car with mild wax solution to reduce the risk of scratching before drying it with a microfiber towel.
The final stage uses a special clay which is rubbed over the paintwork with wax to remove any impurities.
He then polishes up to five times using a buffer and an abrasive compound.
A paint gauge is used throughout the cleaning to check how much clear coat and colour there is to work with on the body work.
And a microscope linked to a computer allows him to view bad scratches in detail.
Gurcharn added: ”If you’re paying £150,000 for a car then you’re going to want it to be perfect.
”The first time I cleaned an Enzo it took a week and when I tried to sleep all I could see was Ferrari red.
”The car has to be free from all contaminants like dust and dirt before you start otherwise it’s going to get scratched.
”I just want perfection. Finishing is the best part because you know what it was like when you started. That gives me great satisfaction.”


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