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AUB Music Club participates in Hamra Street Festival

Poster for Cirque Du Liban
Below is a message from the AUB Music Club who will be participating in the Hamra Street Festival which will take place on 10, 11, 12 September.

The festival will include two major events:

September 10:
- Inauguration of the Festival under the patronage of the Prime Minister, Beirut Deputies and the Hamra Committee.
- The Big Hamra Parade

September 11 and 12:
- Stands Activities, Street animations, Music concerts, Dance, Plays, Kids Arena, Fireworks etc...

The AUB Music Club would like to invite you in participating in this festival through:

Big Hamra Parade (September 10)

- The AUB music club will provide you with comfortable/funky costumes and percussions. You just need to wear the costumes, show up on time, improvise on your percussions (IF you want) and have fun! The parade will take place at 5.30 p.m and will last for two hours tops.
- The AUB Music Club will provide you with a two-meter banner, printed with the logo of the AUB Music Club so that you proudly carry it on during the parade :)!
- As for the drummers, you can get your own snare drum and come up with your own beats; no one will bother you!

Concerts (September 11-12)
During these two days, if you have an acoustic, rock, blues, jazz, latin, or heavy metal band, you can peform on one of the four stages that will be set on hamra street.

The Hamra Street festival will feature an intense media covanerage so your involvement is highly appreciated and beneficial for the music club and your bands!

So, please send an email on if you need further details on how to receive the costumes & percussions for the parade or perform in the festival.

You can also contact us on our cell phones:
Tarek Abi Mosleh: 03/ 67 40 19 (Anytime before Sept.2)
Lara Fakih: 70/ 20 18 89
Hassan Sherry: 03/ 04 07 26

For more information about the festival, check out their facebook page .

Hope to see you all there.