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Lois Lane's Rules of Reporting

Clark Kent and Lois Lane snapshot from Smallville
I was watching Smallville yesterday (a series that depicts the life story of Superman -- totally recommended by the way) and I just had to take a snapshot of Lois Lane's rules of reporting. So here they are (text in parenthesis are my own amendments):

  1. Always know your source (but never reveal it unless you really have to).
  2. Always make a good first impression and don't screw up with your boss (but if you screwed up badly, get prepared to kiss up for some time)
  3. Do whatever it takes to get the story (except getting killed)
  4. If something seems to weird to be true, it usually is (unless you're living in Smallville, then that's a different story)
  5. Never take deadlines too seriously (unless your working in a nuclear plant)
  6. Triple check your facts (especially if your writing a front-page article)
  7. Put all the good stuff at the beginning (because let's face, if your reader is going to snooze before the end of the first paragraph, he won't be awake to read the rest of it)

Smallville Season 8


  1. It's very rare that television could actually be useful. Nice find moudz.


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