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AUB Student Munib Masri injured by Israel during Sunday's demonstrations

Photo of Masri in South Lebanon
via NOW Lebanon (from facebook)
Last Sunday, during the demonstrations in the South near the Lebanese-Israeli borders to commemorate Nakba, Munib Masri, a petroleum studies student at the American University of Beirut got severely injured after being shot by an Israeli bullet. Masri is Palestinian in origin, but also holds both the Jordanian and American citizenships.

Masri has underwent a couple of operations this week; "he is undergoing surgery today. He has already lost his left kidney and spleen in an earlier operation. His spine is also fractured, and he’s sustained injuries to his diaphragm, along with pieces of shrapnel lodged in his back."  (NOW Lebanon)

In an e-mail addressed to the AUB community, Dr. Peter Dorman, President of AUB, writes:
"We are all shocked and saddened by this development, and our thoughts and hearts are with Munib and his family.We are appalled by the unrestrained use of deadly force against unarmed protesters that has left one of our students in critical condition"

It has been widely circulated since Monday that Masri is in need for donors of O- blood. He is currently being treated at the American University Hospital. For more information about the donation process, kindly contact Ms. Suha Afyoun, an AUB graduate who accompanied Masri during the demonstration, on +96176725203.

On behalf of the AUB community, I would like to wish Munib a speedy and smooth recovery and would like to salute him for his bravery.