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Lebanon Speaks Up Loud Against Homophobia

Save the date: May 17th - The International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO)

Lebanon might not have a flashy gay parade with rainbow flags waving above our heads just yet. But many of us Lebanese, gay, straight or anywhere in between, are already actively engaged in a collective effort trying to raise awareness and fight homophobia.

More often than not, homophobia is just another by-product of ignorance. People remaining stuck with their pre-conceived ideas, their limited knowledge about how homosexuality plays out in real life.

That's where your stories, your personal experiences and your opinions can help a great deal. Sharing some of your thoughts with the rest of us will help spread awareness within, as well as outside the community.

So here's the deal: As Lebanon's LGBT blogosphere, we are asking everyone, gay or straight, to take a minute to think: How does homophobia affect you or someone you love?

Write 150 words or less and email to

You will be advancing the cause more than you think!

Contributing bloggers (Listed alphabetically):

Beirut Boy: Email | @beirutboy
Gay in Beirut: Email | @gayinbeirut
LebaGaGa: Email | @lebagaga
Lebanese Alien: Email | @Lebanesealien
Lebanon Rebel: Email | @lebanonrebel
Rainbow Experience: Email | @rainbowexp
Raynbow Monitor: Email | @LebLGBTmonitor
Art Director: @zoozel


  1. Thank you for your support :-D

  2. You are most welcome! I'm happy to support the cause :)

  3. Thanks for sharing our initiative with your readers Daisy :)

  4. Thank you for all your hard work! The blog is looking amazing! :)


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