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Grey's Annahar Advertisement

Below is one of the most simple yet touching TV commercials that I have seen in a long time. The simplicity and yet complete relevance to the topic at hand is striking (especially with Gebran Tueini's quote - may he RIP), and the visuals compel you to focus on every detail.

I usually do not like political advertisements, and this one is not entirely political but advertising for Annahar newspaper (which tends to have a political side), but I felt that it was much more creative than other advertisements in this category. This campaign was done by GREY. Let me know what you think.

UPDATE: Apparently, this ad has been inspired (I don't want to say stolen) from a Chinese Ad for CCTV. Thanks Nadim for the info.


  1. Well I think that it is stolen from a chinese Ad for CCTV

    Take a look

  2. hmmm.. it definitely has the same concept and very similar elements.. It's sad that everything that we come up with is stolen from other countries. Really depressing.

  3. I absolutely loved the thing when it aired..super bummed now:S

  4. yeah, there are many concepts that are just revised and they call it "Their Own". its like they are just stealing ideas.

    Drei|grey scrubs


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