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Mind Soup celebrates its second birthday!

Yesterday, Mind Soup has turned two years old. I can't really believe it. It still seems like yesterday when I spontaneously decided to start a blog and worried about design layouts and content.

Now, after two full years I stand proud of my commitment to my blog and it subsidiaries. This year has brought a lot of accomplishments which include:

  • having the great Daisy join in and continuously post about her experiences and opinions
  • being featured in several newspaper and magazine articles both online and offline.
  • being the first google search for several articles.
  • 300,000 hits on several pages
  • integrating with several social media sites such as facebook and twitter
  • recently creating a supplementary tumblr page
  • giving me the inspiration to establish Online Collaborative and enriching my interest in social marketing.
  • being known as a relevant source of news and opinion articles and a place where freedom of speech is exercised
Even though this year has also brought me some bumps on the road because of my willingness to speak freely, this has not only enriched my knowledge and made me famous (to some extent), but have engraved moral and ethical attributes to my personality.

However, all of this wouldn't have been possible without my faithful readers who keep checking the blog and contribute through comments on blogger, buzz or by emails. I am glad and grateful to have such a wonderful readership; you are what keeps us going.

Now who's up for some cake? :D


  1. Awesome-ness!
    Happy Bday Mind Soup! Keep up the gr8 job...

  2. Congrats! Happy Birthday MindSoup! You were one of my first sources of blog-inspiration..I have so much to thank you for! Here's to many more years of success!

  3. Happy Birthday to Mind Soup :). Thanks so much for your kind words, Moudz! It's a pleasure to be part of Mind Soup :)


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