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AUB homepage promoting drugs?

I don't know if its a Freudian slip or absent-mindedness, but if you check the AUB homepage, the photo that is supposed to raise awareness against smoking, alcohol and drugs is giving conflicting messages. "Hash is amazing! But don't do it regularly," it says. I'm glad AUB knows that the stress it puts it students through calls for occasional drug use.

Hash is amazing! But don't do it regularly
Thanks to Timmy for pointing it out!


  1. LMAO
    Whoever wrote that must have been pretty high.

  2. WTF I check the AUB website regularly (I never got the hang on directly getting into moodle not because I like it) never noticed that, guess they regret doing that whole pics from AUB bit on the homepage!
    AUB . . . fail
    Mindsoup and whoever pointed that out Legen. . .*Wait for it*


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