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Why I Hate Apple

My friends and probably people who follow me on twitter probably know that I do not like Apple (probably much more than not liking - perhaps despising). I'm sick of people keep bombarding their Apple products in my face every time I say something, and I am sick of the shameless brainwashed promotions from live conversations to social media to TV programs and ads.

Upon the request of one of my friends, I would like to share my reasons for this hatred to Apple as a whole, and not any certain product.

The Apple brainwashed culture 
It is perhaps what I hate about it the most: the over-zealous fans (or shall I call addicts) who are eating, drinking and breathing Apple and are basically walking billboards for the company. I like Google and Facebook and you don't see me shamelessly promoting them like crazy every chance I get. And it's not even just that, Apple owners think they are better than other people, that they are some sort of super-humans. Let me tell you this: owning a Mac or an i-related device and flaunting it in front of the whole world doesn't make you cool, its makes you a douche.

The Apple business strategy
This is what a lot of people fail to see. The whole business strategy of Apple is to gradually produce better products forcing the costumer to constantly pay more and more to buy the latest models.
The prime example of this is when Apple produced the first generation iPhone. It was lacking the most basic of features that a 1995 Nokia phone offered. These included forwarding an SMS message, copy-paste features, bad reception, no custom sounds for SMS & e-mails, video-recording, MMS, etc... Was Apple not aware of these features or did they not have the technology to include them? No. They just prefer to constantly release updates and new versions to make costumers run and buy them to make more money.

Customer Service
Early last summer, when the iPhone 4 was released, many costumers were complaining about bad/no reception. Steve Jobs had to "teach" costumers how to properly use the phone so that they get reception - performing yoga every time they had to make/receive a call. But that's not the worst part, angry costumers were told to pay an extra £25 ($37.5) for a rubber bumper which presumably solves this problem.
Apple has reportedly told its employees not to promise the costumers free rubber bumpers even though the flaw in the phone is the company's fault.
Of course, after a huge media uproar about the topic, it was more or less forced to give these bumpers for free after realizing that sales will be dropping and the company's image is at stake.
Other companies (like HP) would gladly recall defective products and replace them, and not play charades with costumers who are already paying shit-loads of money for the product.

Apple is so perfect, so let's blame others
After many iPods got infected by a worm (virus) last year, all Apple did was blame Microsoft saying "As you might imagine, we are upset at Windows for not being more hardy against such viruses, and even more upset with ourselves for not catching it." [source] Personally, I don't think Microsoft is responsible to ensure proper security for Apple products. They didn't even apologize or call back the alleged 1% of the defective products.

Pay Your Heart Out
Okay I get that Apple is so proud of its design and that it is very unique, but that doesn't justify charging for their products with at least a 200% profit margin. They even charge for Microsoft Office for Mac more than what Microsoft is charging for it. I'll let the adjacent infographic speak for itself.

Touch Obsession
So what's great about touch phones and pads really? Touch screens on phones and pads greatly decrease productivity. Using a regular keyboard or phone buttons, you can type a text message or email ten times faster than with a touch screen keyboard

It seems very ironic when the world is going towards open-source programs and information sharing that Apple decided to lock their products to certain mobile service providers. Not only does that limit their sales, but they are missing out on so much profit internationally where the phones are being cracked or jailbroken and sold for twice if not three times the actual price. Besides, why would someone buy a product that forces me to buy another service that I may not be satisfied with? Or why would I buy a cracked product that I need to re-crack every time there's a new update to the OS?

The lockdown is not just limited to the iPhone. How about iPods that do not read music formats except .AAC and .MP3? Or the fact that you cannot extract the songs bought from iTunes to any non-Apple product because the are encrypted? Why would I put myself through such a limitation?

It's bad enough that you are being charged so much money for your mac, you then discover that 90% of the programs or games are not compatible with MacOS. It's either you have to put yourself through enormous amounts of trouble to find a way to make it work or just forgo that program. What Macs seem to be useful for is designers (its not like PCs can't do the same job). But designers (don't even get me started on them either, you'll probably soon be reading a list of why I hate graphic designers) think they are sooo special because they forced their mommies and daddies to buy them their Macs because they cannot possibly live without them. What irritates me the most is the refusal of most of them do you photoshop on a regular PC. Are you really that thick-headed that you cannot manage to use a PC anymore?

Back to incompatibilities, what's up Apple feud with Flash? Seriously? Why would I buy a product who's producer are so moody and keeps fighting with other big companies that I daily depend on (like google)?

There's a lot of more things that I could probably add to this list and I could go on forever but honestly I don't think this topic deserves much more typing so I'm gonna end it here. Enjoy your intentionally prehistoric products, as for me, I will be sticking with PCs for now; thank you.


  1. Hello, ever since i am not into apple products. My main reason is that they are locking things away when it is clear that the open source advocacy will benefit at large. Now i discovered much of their "after the profit" strategies.

    You have pointed out very important arguments here. I hope this post will reach other people so they'll learn the THIEF Apple they admire.

    Keep posting this article on facebook and social media sites so it will gone viral and will open up the minds of many people who think they are "cool" because they are Apple users.

  2. Thank god you don't like Apple. As an Apple users for over 20 years I would like you to know that we also hate you :) People like you in our eyes are not worthy of owning Apple products. This is usually caused because the person is poor, but some people just don't have the taste of an Apple user. Apple users do think they are better than others - it is true we are:) not because we are rich, as I am far from rich, but that we understand value and quality. So now we know you hate us and you know we hate you :) It doesn't mean we can't be friends just that we are better than you. Have a nice life :)

    1. I can't tell if this was serious or a joke.

    2. Seriously, are you joking or just the biggest douchebag I've heard in my life?

    3. Apple people, are using Linux and do not know it. They are the lowest tier of society.

    4. and they're paying for it....

    5. wow, really, your post is exactly why i despise apple and everything apple stands for. you are a pos.

    6. Apple should have died in the 90's when their time was up. It was a mistake of Bill Gates to bail them out of near bankruptcy. The disease has multiplied and now we all have to suffer. Ugly, pretentious and best suited to B grade users who still believe PC's crash all the time. I've never met an Apple user yet who has even a basic understanding of logic, life or IT.

    7. Honestly, Apple users on average can hate all they want on Apple haters, and as soon as they get off their holier than thou attitude, I have had to support more Apple users than PC users because of the learning that PC users learn about computers in general. I was made the director of IT for a company that was mainly Mac, but when they had problems, he had no clue of how to fix the issues. I believe it is that once you learn how to actually use computers, you realize how much crap Apple fills it's customers with.

    8. LOL. FUNNIEST SHIT EVER. Android is fucking killing all you iShit users. YOU CAN'T DOWNLOAD SHIT ON YOUR FUCKING FRUIT DEVICES. Apple is horrible, its dying down cause your little fucking Steve Jobs died. All you are doing is spending 5x the price of regular BETTER products. But ofcourse you thickheaded noobies are new to the technology world,REALITY CHECK, SO ARE THE DICKHEADS WHO OWN APPLE. THEY DONT KNOW SHIT ABOUT TECHNOLOGY.

    9. and this is why people hate stuck up douchebags like you
      Yes, it is very nice that you have very expensive Apple products, but don't f*cking shove them in my face, dick

    10. Really? Not worthy? How pathetic are you, seriously? I'm finding it incredibly hard to believe that you exist because I feel like natural selection should have done away with such idiocy ages ago.

      You're trolling, right?

      PS I have Apple and Windows products. I have a MacBook and use an iMac every single day. I still prefer Windows and its functionality. I find Macs incredibly patronising. I have to use them for work, however :(.

      Anyway, it is stupid deluded fanboys like you that make me embarrassed ar having bought Apple products. I'm cringing so much. Please go away.

    11. I'm an assistant professor at MIT. I have very recently taken up the arduous task of mapping the biological trade offs to advancing technology. I do this on my PC. Anyhow as a sneak peak I will let it fester in your mind that Apple "addicts" have severely impaired real life (vs within the confounds of their technology) cognitive dysfunction. I feel sorry for you and your future generations.

    12. Fuck Apple. But more importantly, FUCK YOU ;)

    13. Don't forget to brush your teeth after you're done eating Ishit.

    14. Have a nice life with this galaxy s4 shoved up your ass:) my phone has so many goddamn features that are not on your apple, maybe theyll add some of them in 5 years or so, but face it my s4 is better in every dynamic. 13 mp camera, 1.2 mp front camera, 441 ppi screen, 5 inch display, air gestures, quad core processor clocked in at 1900 mHz, a 3200 mah battery, full 1080p display...none of that 720p iphone shit, wifi direct, tv ir blaster, multi window, ability to process 300 billion+ triangles per second and a high frame per second rating and the list just keeps going. Were better and more straight forward and this is probably the best 700 dollars I spent in my life:) fuck you apple users :)

    15. There is no value in an apple product, Here is an example. Apple iPhone is one of the most expensive devises on the market for what you get. Does an iPhone have a removable battery?, does an iPhone have a screen comparable in size to other smart-phones? Does an iPhone have an expandable memory option (SD card slot)?, Does an iPhone have Quad-core processor? Does an iPhone have true full HD display? What about the battery, the new Samsung Galaxy S5 battery is 2800mAh versus the iPhone 5s which is only 1560mAh (shocking Apple, just SHOCKING!!!). Lets not mention that Apple are now saying the new iPhone 6 will be all about health. Hmmm reminds me of the Samsung focus around the S5 that is already on sale.

      No apple is not value. For what you pay and what you get you cannot say (when the answer to all the above questions is clearly no! Apple is not good value). What I see is another example of being Brand (brain)-washed by Apple. The article is completely backed up by your comments. Obviously you have done no research.

    16. You are better than us for owing a Mac? You are not rich, but stupid. I can afford to buy a Mac, but I chose to get. 1000 dollar Windows that runs better than any Mac I have seen, or used. Your interface is trash, the design is trash, it is impossible to get work done on a Mac, and it can download literally no useful software (unless using wine bottler).

      Better? High quality? Don't make me laugh. Give me 5 reasons why my 1000 windows that runs faster than your 2000 dollar Mac is not as good.

    17. For fucks sake don't be so self absorbed you brainwashed fuck. If you like Mac, you obviously have no computer knowledge and love to waste money. I can afford to buy a 2000 dollar Mac, but instead I got a 1000 dollar Dell that runs FASTER and BETTER.

      Give me 5 reasons why my computer that costs less, runs more programs, runs faster, looks better AND actually gets work done is worse.

      Do not look down on those who have worked harder than you ever will. You obviously use a Mac because you do not know the value of money.

  3. Hi Mo,

    You definitely have made valid points that really cannot be argued against. However, I am an Apple owner (IPods, IPad, Air, IPhone) even though the IPhone (3G) is useless in Lebanon and I have motherboard issues with the MaCbook Air, I still prefer Apple.

    I know that Apple releases its products lacking options in order to release another model a few months later, but most people complain about that until they get the newer model.

    The business strategy Apple has is strong and works and I'm sure many business/brand owners wish they could have the same brain washing techniques.

    My personal reason for being a loyal Apple owner is that they are opening the door to advancements in technology that we use daily, so imagine what could be available 50 years from now. Probably stuff we cannot imagine right now.

    Good post though:)

    1. Gees why does everyone have to think one is better than the other, to me they're equal

  4. Apple products are hardly as bad as you make them out to be. However, it is OK that you don't like them. It is too bad that we only have two major platforms (Linus doesn't quite count). It would be nice if there were four or five platforms all with about equal share. For one, we'd have developed the tools and formats to lets us all share data easily. Second, there would be different types of platforms to suit different types of people. I get it you are not comfortable in an Apple world. There are also people who get a rash using Microsoft products. There are probably many other people unhappy with both platforms. That's how it is. People come in

    According to Meyers-Briggs there are sixteen personality types so maybe we need sixteen platforms?

    1. Join us in a Linux wonderland, ditch the corporations. There are at least 16 different free distros out there to satisfy each personality type... the irony of this is IOS is Unix based like any other free Linux platform

    2. iOS = FreeBSD (UNIX) kernel with a closed and crippled GUI

    3. 16?? Try a few thousand distros. If you like the aestetics of Mac download Fedora 16 for FREE and use it.

    4. Points for being understanding of his opinion, but taking advice from Meyers Briggs is like listening to Dr. Phil. Also, it's Linux, and the only reason why you love apple is because the last PC you tried was probably a cheaply built, Windows 98 or lower platform. Try building one with a fraction of the cost for a 1000 dollar Mac, and running Win7, of course the fanboy in you will say "well I still like Macs better" but deep inside you'll feel like a tool. Long live Windows, Linux, and Android. Apple isn't bad hardware and software, it's just that there are already massively better products out there for a much cheaper price and open programming/hardware possibilities. Try upgrading your Mac with a new video card, HA that was the joke. Also android smart phones will without a doubt overtake iOS products in the near future, my samsung captivate with cyanogenmod 9 is running circles around the iPhone 4, and it came out around the time of the iCrap 3G. Face the facts, try other products before being glued to a company that doesn't care about its costumers and whose products are only being bought because they're "popular" with everyone else, seriously who uses a phone to get public status? Douchebags.

    5. Apple and Android run off the same platform, only one is open while the other is monopolized

  5. very well said

    i like to add as a developer that apple locks down its platform to certain programming languages (which are very old but they dust it off)

    apple lets you pay them first to develop on iOS and then they take money from you with each program sold , of course your app might get rejected in the process

    thats why i'm developing for android and WP7 , F*** apple

    PS : apple fan boys need to wise up and stop believing the lies they made :)

    1. I like have a very good reply, I also hate Apple

  6. Hey man,

    Well listen you know me I'm a Linux User mostly. I think this is the best operating system out there. But truth be told it's not for everyone.

    Apple has gained market share because of two very simple facts.

    The MAC-OS is a clear variant of Unix and is per say a cousin of Linux with a different visual/usability package given to users thus making it much simpler to use and handle. It's extremely stable and fast a very fast runtime. Windows on the other hand has an archaic design, dating from the pre-networking computer age a fundamental difference with UNIX which was built with networking in mind. This is basically why all UNIX Variants (Linux, MACOS) are much more secure and run more smoothly. This advantage is mainly due to Microsoft's limited thinking.

    Second of all they build very solid products from the finishing perspective. Their products are solid durable and sexy if you want to admit it or not :P

    Also, keep in mind that any UNIX variants run much faster on any kind of specs is simply due to the light nature of the kernel design of the OS. So if you consider a laptop packing better hardware but running windows, you'll witness probably more lag (depending on the hardware and Windows Versions).

    Bottom line, people pay for the MAC cuz its a simple intuitive UNIX environment, from which they extract stability and fast response time. Also it's sexy and durable and very well built. People also pay for the luxury of owning a MAC, just like buying a 4 cylinder Mercedes with limited options will cost you more cash than buying a Daewoo with all the options in the world you can't deny the difference and the increase in expenses can be justified.

    The optimal solution would be, get a super fast PC, format Windows away and visit and install this piece of OS, and you will be screwing all parties involved.

    Take care !


    1. Windows 7 runs better on my macbook than OSX. OSX crashes on a weekly bases. I'm considering removing it completely, it's a terrible UI anyways.

      I also switched to Android ICS from iPhone a few days ago. Now I have a perma grin, and that bulge is a Galaxy Nexus in my pocket. Needs a software update which is due next month to fix some of the bugs, but the freedom that platform provides is worth the short term annoyance. The iPhone felt like getting prison raped in the shower by Steve Jobs every morning. I barely used 20% of the 32GB on my iPhone after 3 years solely because of the fascist policies of Apple preventing me from storing whatever I wanted on it.

      Good riddance Apple.

    2. Sexy and durable? It looks the same on every Apple owners computer. What is sexy to one is not always sexy to others. Enjoy drinking your Apple kool-aid like every other Apple lover out there.

    3. Apple abandoned it's own os and made a shell that sits on unix because they could not improve their own code. Apple abandoned their hardware platform and switched to using the one used by Windows pc's.

      Apple did not invent the gui. Amiga did.
      Apple did not invent the mouse. Some guy in Oregon did.
      Apple did not invent the ipod design. Some guy in Europe did back in the 1960's.
      Apple did not invent home computing. They ripped off their designs from microcomputer architecture.

      Apple is unable to develop an os installer that is half as good as the one for Windows.

      The summer that over 250,000 Mac motherboards burned up, you never heard about it in the news - it was spun away by Apple. So Apple changed chip manufacturer's. All they would have had to do was dramatically reduce the amount of themal paste applied to the cpu chip. Something hobbyist computer builders know...

      When a Mac OS-X machine was installed on a formerly secured non-apple network, it left a vulnerability open that allowed the network to be taken down.

      When I speak with a Mac-Rabid person, they are still competing with MS-DOS in their mind.

      Most Apple-Rabid use their over-priced systems to check email and do facebook, then they have to use Windows to do their bookkeeping and business functions.

      At defcon one year, participants were being hacked on entry to the event. Nearly everyone that had their personal information displayed were those with Apple laptops. No Windows laptops were hacked that year.

      Apple needs to stop suing other companies. They do not own the rights to glass staircases, even though they sued over it anyway.

      RIP Steve Jobs: you were a great man. Too bad Apple sucks.

  7. Actually, you Suck and it's obvious if you have more than an idiot's IQ. You don't need more than one para to say so either
    See what I did there?.

    1. so? do you have any proof his lack of IQ when your actually the one that was against him
      when he was sharing his entitled opinions , beside what he said is actually true
      most apple fanboys including you are zealots and sheeps
      also judge by your comment your the one who was lack of IQ to even express your entitled opinion
      anyway it was enjoying to make you close-minded mad
      nuff said~

  8. Well Moudz, you have some serious issues there. You're certainly entitled to your opinion, but I thought I'd let you know that most of your reasons for hating Apple are actually based on wrong information.

    *iPhone Updates*
    Features such as copy and paste, SMS forwarding, MMS, voice-recording were all added for free. Users didn't have to pay for them or buy a new iPhone. Sure it was a pain missing some of these features initially, but everything else such as a web browser and email that didn't suck, a multi-touch interface that left every other UI for dead were more than worth the wait for Apple to get around to devoting dev resources for some of the missing bits.

    Oh and stop blaming poor reception on Apple. The iPhone has always worked perfectly here in Australia and other countries. Blame AT&T.

    I think it became pretty obvious that reception on all phones is affected to a greater or lesser degree when held certain ways - that is the physics of radio antennas. 38 million people have snapped up the iPhone 4 and haven't complained. If it was a serious issue don't you think a few more would have complained or sued?

    Um, were you not aware that no-one has been able to match let alone beat the price of the iPad without either using a screen half the size, using resistive non-multi-touch screens, trying to hide the true cost behind carrier subsidies? look at the 7" galaxy Tab - half the size screen and yet more expensive, or the Moto Xoom - 10" screen but $800-1,000.

    And Microsoft Office - do you really not know it is Microsoft who prices and sells Mac Office? Apple's own Office competitor iWork is significantly cheaper than Office.

    Um, you have no idea how much of a revelation Apple's multi-touch UI is do you? This is an interface that opens computers up to grandmas and my 2 year-old toddler who swipes and taps her way thru all my apps like a pro. If you want a physical keyboard you can easily pair a bluetooth keyboard and go for it.

    The iPhone is available thru all carriers here in Australia and most other countries in the world. It is just your archaic fragmented carrier-controlled cell phone hell in the USA that forced Apple to give AT&T a multi-year exclusive in order to be able to wrest so much control away from the carriers. Hey before Apple came on the sccene Verizon for exmple was famous for disabling Bluetooth and wifi on phones to force users to pay Verizon thru the nose just to load ringtones or transfer files etc.

    Um, in addition to iPods supporting MP3 and AAC (which is MPEG-4 audio, the much higher quality successor to MP3), they also support uncompressed AIFF (native CD audio), Apple Lossless, WAV, Audible, AAX, AAX+ etc.

    Oh and do you really have no idea that all music on iTunes has been DRM-free for over 2 years?

    There are tens of thousands of apps available for the Mac and for those situations when there really is a Windows program that doesn't have a Mac-equivalent, there are half a dozen free and commercial virtualisation environments like VirtualBox, VMware and Apple's on multi-boot Bootcamp to allow you to run such software. In addition, unlike Windows Mac users also have access to all the thousands and thousands of Unix apps, Linux because Mac OS X is Unix itself. With al these options, Mac users can actually run far more software than Windows users.

    There's a lot more I could respond to but you'll probably just ignore these comments and resort to more insults.

    Anyway, notice I haven't said you are inferior to us Mac users, just lacking information and perhaps an appreciation of how much easier life can be when a bit of thought and design goes into the creation of products.

    Have fun


  9. I have been an Apple / Macintosh user for over 20 years, I have never before responded to a posting of this type, but this posting irritated me beyond belief.

    Why I Hate Apple
    Posted by Moudz at 1:45 AM
    My friends and probably people who follow me on twitter probably know that I do not like Apple (probably much more than not liking - perhaps despising). I'm sick of people keep bombarding their Apple products in my face every time I say something, and I am sick of the shameless brainwashed promotions from live conversations to social media to TV programs and ads.

    Upon the request of one of my friends, I would like to share my reasons for this hatred to Apple as a whole, and not any certain product.

    The Apple brainwashed culture 
    It is perhaps what I hate about it the most: the over-zealous fans (or shall I call addicts) who are eating, drinking and breathing Apple and are basically walking billboards for the company. I like Google and Facebook and you don't see me shamelessly promoting them like crazy every chance I get. And it's not even just that, Apple owners think they are better than other people, that they are some sort of super-humans. Let me tell you this: owning a Mac or an i-related device and flaunting it in front of the whole world doesn't make you cool, its makes you a douche.

    The vast majority of people I know using Macs and Apple products would not discuss Apple unless it was with good friends and they where asked. Irritating people irate. They happen in all walks of life. Stop being so over-sensitive about Apple ones. Apple's market share of users is less then 1 in 10 PC users, and less then 1 in 25 phone users. How on earth can such a small share of people bother you enough to post this?

    The Apple business strategy

    This is what a lot of people fail to see. The whole business strategy of Apple is to gradually produce better products forcing the costumer to constantly pay more and more to buy the latest models.
    The prime example of this is when Apple produced the first generation iPhone. It was lacking the most basic of features that a 1995 Nokia phone offered. These included forwarding an SMS message, copy-paste features, bad reception, no custom sounds for SMS & e-mails, video-recording, MMS, etc... Was Apple not aware of these features or did they not have the technology to include them? No. They just prefer to constantly release updates and new versions to make costumers run and buy them to make more money.

    Yes. They sell you exactly what you pay for. There is no secret about what is NOT in their technology. There is more then enough people (like you) willing to shout it from the roof-tops.

    When are you going to learn its not what some marketing droid / box spec sheet says that a product does that matters? Its what the end users is able to do with the product.

    Other products may say that they can do something, but if the user who buys it can't make the product work, they don't care. They are going to buy the inferiorly specced product that at least they can work out how to use all the features off. That's why Apple's strategy works. When Apple says one of their products does something, the person buying it knows that they can make it do it, there is even usually a video of Steve Jobs doing it that they can view online first so that they can see how easy it is to make the product work.

    Specs that people can use matter more then specs that only exists to fill checklists on some marketers spreadsheet.

    Don't blame Apple for shipping a product that doesn't do copy / paste, doesn't do MMS, etc. etc. Blame all the other phone manufactures for shipping phones with such poor UI that nobody could do MMS or copy/Paste so users barely noticed it was missing on an iPhone.

    By the way, copy and paste was a free update. All OS updates for iPhones have been free. People buy new iPhones not for the software updates, but for the hardware ones (like Retina Displays).

  10. Since comments are restricted to 4KB text I created a blog to comment with.

    1. Your response falls exactly into the brain washed minds of Apple users. I fixed Apple computers for a long time and you sound exactly as the rest of the Apple customers I had to deal with. I love to try to get along with people, but the arrogance of the Apple user made it extremely difficult to work with. The would constantly call me on my personal cell phone, call me after hours when I was not being paid, demand that I drop what I was doing to come talk to them when their computer crashed instead of checking it in like anyone else had to do. I have given up on helping Apple customers as they don't help themselves learn their computers. It is actually like hanging the keys to a 650HP Lamborghini without taking any driving lessons to learn how to use it.

    2. Shithead brainwashed iFruit user. smh.

  11. Apple products are not for cheapskates.

    1. No one ever said Apple fanboys were snobs did they? LOL! It just part of the culture.

  12. Apple products are not for cheapskates.

    "Hate" is too harsh of a word. It usually means the person using it also "loves" or "envies" the hated object. Why else would one pay so much attention to the hated object.

    The worse thing one can do to someone is to simply NOT CARE - which means giving no energy to the person or object.

  13. òk, first Photo....and a Godwin point.

    You are just an i-Hater, a big troll...
    Non sense...
    Fortunately, you aren't a mac user....too stupid for that i presume...

    1. a mac user telling a linux user that they're too stupid for a computer. This is rich.

    2. It is so funny that you say Windows users are too stupid to be able to use a Mac. When it is really the other way around. Most people switched to Macs because they are to stupid to use Windows. They complain of blue screens, virus', and it just not working or running fast. That is because they are to stupid to use it. If you keep your computer safe, clean, and don't download loads of programs and other things, you wouldn't run into these problems. I have my Window's PC, and it has been fine for as long as I have had it, and I do many things on it. I would like to see someone on a Mac try to play a game, like Portal. To do that you would have to become a PC, which says who is really the better operating system. You are paying for a simple, locked down product that looks nice. And to whoever said that Macs have more programs for them, you are wrong again. Windows Users can actually create their own programs, and there are billions online. I do hate Macs, I would like them more if all of the users stopped acting like they are in a cult. One of my friends wouldn't install Microsoft Word on his Mac because he didn't want any of Microsoft's "trash" on his computer. All I have to say is, really......

    3. but i own a mac myself before(a1181)
      the whole thing sucks anyway , including heat dissipation
      , hardware software restriction etc

    4. No, he is smart enough to use Windows because it runs more programs, runs faster, AND CAN ACTUALLY BE USED IN THE OFFICE WORLD.

      When you get a job you will see how important knowledge of Windows will be.

  14. wow. you've really got some issues. just let it go. you've become as obsessed as the apple fans you hate.

    1. You are so stupid. Just let it go? Everyone is DEBATING against iFruit, and heading over to Andriod. HOW ABOUT YOU LET APPLE GO. Fucking brainwashed moron.

  15. I love how most posted as anonymous, and some even opened a blog to respond. Dude, seriously, respect.
    Hate it or love it haters, Microsoft is on top. :D

  16. And to all that call non-Apple users cheapstakes, you just proved his point.

  17. Obviously I won't be responding to every individual comment because I just don't have the time. I appreciate all the comments (well at least the constructive ones) especially Jude who took the time and effort to actually create a blog just to respond to the post. Then again, everyone is entitled to his/her opinions. I am not convincing you to hate apple, please don't shove your opinions down my throat.

    As for the people bombarding me with insults, it shows how mature (and non-fanboyish) you are :)

  18. You lame-ass fanboys, you're just proving how brainwashed you are! Creating a blog to respond this post: don't you think you're taking it too far?

  19. This article is pure flame bait, but the "flames" are all polite and logical. Are all Mac users Vulcans?

    Spew Venom!! Tell him he loves his Monkey Boy Blaamer!

    Stupid smart educated consumers! This is the internet! Get rude, speak from ignorance! Flame back!

  20. You really seem to have got yourself all twisted and bitter over erroneous information and things you obviously know nothing about. Consequently you seem to have lost complete touch with reality.

  21. I use both Windows and Mac... both work together just fine.

  22. Moudz, your comments would make sense if they weren't distorted beyond reason, and were factually correct. For example, we ARE better than you are; we don't just THINK we are. Now, go get some therapy, or switch over to hating something where people can't rebut your arguments. Strawberry ice cream, for example.

  23. @Moudz
    You obviously don't do irony LOL
    '...please don't shove your opinions down my throat.'...and you're not doing the same?

    'As for the people bombarding me with insults, it shows how mature (and non-fanboyish) you are :) - Eh? Pot-Kettle-Black comes to mind.
    You make no more sense than your error strewn, childish outburst.

    Next you'll be telling us it's just your sense of humour ;-)

    1. I know this is old but..FFS. I use and install both Mac and PC... but let me say this to you Conner... He is not shoving anything down anyone's throat, this is a blog to let off steam.. think of it as a journal over his frustrations that he throws out into the universe (if you will). you cam here to his blog and slandered him.

      so no.. there is no Pot-calling-kettle-black, he isn't a fan boy of either, just a person who gets treated disrespectfully because He does not roll with Apple.

      My best friend is a huge Apple fan boy and develops for them.. I know exactly what Moudz is saying and i agree with all expect the touch screen.

      Apple is simply made for Technologically simpler People, it looks good, limited enough so you "cant" stuff it up, priced high enough to make it "exclusive".. but your paying for a system made for less advanced users... this makes you better than other people?

      People like you and companies like apple are why the world is the way it is. do your research pal.

  24. PC users need to understand something:
    -You may be used to the Windows interface, but Mac OS X is much easier to use, and much more intuitive
    -Gaming isn't the only important thing in the world
    -As mentioned above by others, until Windows 7 came out, the architecture of the Windows OS was ANCIENT. Even when W7 came out, it still hangs on to some old crap that should be obsolete now.
    -Not everyone likes to mess around with DirectX. I know I don't.
    -Was W7 the first auto-defragmenting OS from Microsoft? Huh, that's cool. You know what's also cool? Mac OS X having it from the first launch.
    -Unless you build your computer (and not everyone wants to do that), most likely it will fall apart...especially Dells and HPs.

    Now Mac users YOU need to understand something:
    -Macs aren't flawless. Far from it. They have their fair share of problems
    -Macs don't game. They just don't.
    -Macs may not have the blue screen of death, but they do occasionally get Kernel errors
    -Apple really screws developers over. I understand why some people violently oppose them because of this.
    -On the other hand, a well coded mac application is god send :-)
    -Apple is an aggressive marketer. They are not afraid to curtail freedom of speech for profit (Neither is Microsoft though loll)
    -They're products are beautiful, no denying it, but you better pray they don't break.
    -Windows users do know their shit. They most likely know more about computers than you do. Full Stop.
    -Sure, it's hard to get a virus, even if you try. Frankly though, if Macs keep selling like this, it will be worthwhile for programmers to make mac viruses as well, and then you WILL start to see serious breaches of security.

    For the sensible people: back to your triple-boot computers. Windows7, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, and Ubuntu Linux.

    1. UNIX had never needed defragmenting, so that is nothing new that Apple invented. Give me a break. Run a damn disk check on your drive and see what it fixes. Apple customers have this holier than thou attitude that they never have to run maintenance on their computers, but guess what, it is a computer and needs it like any other.

  25. Ok. I own an ipod. Battery is dying and guess what? I can't buy a new bettery. What the heck is that about?

    After one year, I decided I don't like the interface of iTunes so I deleted it from my windows xp netbook. Then about a year later, I thought about buying an iPhone. But I have already decided no iTunes for me. Guess what? iPhone requires I use iTunes. Where is my choice in this matter?

    My girlfriend bought a mac book. I borrowed it and used it for skype. Skype had an upgrade but I could not install since I did not have her password and couldn't reach her mobile. Then another friend downloaded qik from app store but could not install on her iphone since she forgot her password. Granted, people should remember their own passwords, but what's with the control?

    People say "more intuitive" or "easier to use". Let me say this: I do not find macs/iOS are more intuitive for me. Not at all. So please start saying this: "macs are more intuitive FOR ME". And please realize that millions of people disagree with you because they are legitimately different from you.

    So here is the deal: don't tell me macs are better or that you are better. It's a matter of choice, not about being better or worse. End of story.

  26. I don't blame the author for getting worked up about Apple. There is much to annoy in that quarter. I, for one, am disgusted by the way they treat 3rd-party application developers, something that most of their customers either don't know or don't care about. To see Steve Jobs recently bragging about 2 billion dollars paid to developers, skimming over the rather bleak reality that most developers actually face, is frankly aggravating.

    Apple, by publishing a new feature-rich GarageBand for $4.99 for the iPad 2, pushes prices down for all developers. This creates an expectation for inexpensive "apps" from App Store customers. Meanwhile it can cost thousands of dollars to create these "apps". Most developers will never break even, let alone make a profit, in this business model, yet who can afford to stand on principle when there is such a larger and passionate customer base? It's self-skewering. And Apple takes 30% of every transaction.

    Creating applications takes knowledge and skill. If you want to be in the App Store, you agree to devalue this knowledge and skill. And it's only going to get worse.

  27. I think touch is fun, not very practical for a clumsy person like me but the games are fun.
    I'm not the biggest apple fan, and I do agree the "fans" are very cocky. But jeez, ma badda hal2ad :P

  28. Well Mac people do need a wake up call. I mostly criticize apple due to them milking developers' profits as much as they can, but saying it is more intuitive is your opinion.

    Show a windows user a Mac OS X they will not know where to go. I saw the interface at an apple store and I found it really cluttered and unappealing but what do I know? Mac people are better right? Although I agree ma badda hal2ad Mac people do need a wake up call. I do like Mac but it just costs too much to do anything. Upgrades cost money, development cost money unless you are using Java or Python. You need to pay for everything which blocks out the enthusiasts who want to learn coding. I know if I had to pay for the JDK I wouldn't be interested.

  29. All apple prodcuts are disign with one thin in common...control
    All Apple loosers (users), have no brain and mostly gay personalities who obviously like be CONTROLED
    Apple products are nice and cute and sort of fancy, Is that what you look for on a Work tool and in the essencial necesitities of life? then my friend you must be rich and needed to be teach the value of money and the effort it takes to get it.

  30. All the losers who are criticizing you with death threat like remarks PROVE his point morons!!!!! Go die with your Apple product!!!!!

  31. To Bayan,
    I am not sure where you got your info, but to develop for macos or ios, you don't need to spend a penny.
    simply register and download Xcode, and i have to say that xcode is a pretty sweet IDE. Much better than Eclipse etc.

  32. Look at all the iSheep posting on here, acting like arrogant, holier-than-though douchebags, thus proving Moudz point.

  33. I've been an Apple hater since 1990. They lie, steal, and cheat.

    I was into video productions in 1990. The Video Toaster came out, on Amiga (great graphic computer at the time). Apple was selling the Video Toaster as a stand-alone box (an Amiga) without the Amiga logo on it. Basically they were telling people that you need a Mac to use the Video Toaster, and sell you the Amiga with it (at a higher cost). Crooks.

  34. Apple has been one of the biggest monopolistic tyrannies to hit the global market. It should be treated like any other tyranny and shunned like the scum they are.

    Boycott them! Shop elsewhere.
    Stop being an "ifool"

  35. Wooowwwww, not buying Apple products automatically means that you're poor like a couple of people here have said. I guess you do learn something useless everyday, especially when it concerns Apple because that fruit company just spews too much garbage and people who adore them regurgitate this garbage for them. Talk about a vicious cycle. Grow up! Apple products are not that expensive. Even average-income families can afford the latest iPhone and iMac where I come from.

    And for those of you who are Apple fans, guess what? Apple has the last laugh here, at your expense and right in your face. But the truth is, you still can never see that.
    They steal ideas, legalize nonsensical patents like crazy and sue everyone else around them with a vengence. They really give new meaning to the words 'inventing' and 'innovating' - inventing petty remarks and criticism about other brands, and innovating endless court lawsuits.

    If you have already become too blinded and delusional, there's still hope called Google. And it does wonders if you want to fish for information about this deceitful company.

    No wonder Apple users ARE smarter because after using their iPods, iPhones, iMac, iWhatever, they have literally and completely become iDiots.

    Enjoy playing with your one brain cell.

  36. @ Michel: Darn right you are, that Apple lie, cheat and steal.

    I've always disliked Apple and here's why.

    1. They don't invent or innovate

    Contrary to popular belief. Oh wait, I was wrong, they do invent petty remarks and criticism about other brands, and innovate endless lawsuits over their endless nonsensical patents because it seems like EVERYONE is stealing from them.

    2. They think they're so goddamn original

    Or maybe they just conveniently decided to forget or ignore past issues with Creative and the LG Prada. Who's copying who?

    3. They are too goddamn arrogant

    To the point that everyone else is inferior but not, or rather, NEVER them. When something goes wrong with their product, what do they do? Criticise products of other brands instead, just like that instance when they shipped worm-infected iPods and they blamed Microsoft. When iPhone 4 dropped signals, they chose to remark about how every other phone is like that too. Wow! Who knew? I wonder how I've managed to make successful calls everytime with my HTC, even when I'm in the subway. Maybe it's magic! Or maybe I have a phone that's actually working and working like a phone at that too, Apple.

    4. They want to control everything (too much to list)

    E.g. iPhones are locked down and jailbreaking is total nonsense. So you pay for - Half a phone + the technology behind it that makes sure the half a phone you buy stays as half a phone. Way to go, Apple. Bravo. You are indeed revolutionary and magical, just like how you describe your iPad.

    5. They think us consumers are stupid.

    Over concerns about how Apple feels that consumers will get confused with certain other brands like Samsung, and buy their phones instead of their iPhones. Seriously? I mean, that Apple logo on the iPhone isn't an eyesore enough? How dumb do they think consumers are?

    6. Apple is a bully.

    And bullies are cowards. In light of fighting it out over the Android OS, they went around and sue HTC. Since Apple's supposed to be magnificent, why not sue Google who owns the Andoid OS? Why bully a smaller company like HTC? Dirty cowards never play fair and Apple just oozes charisma at that.

    I could go on but as a last note, for those of you who said that people who don't own anything made by Apple are poor, grow up or at least, grow some brain cells. Pick up a book with lots of alphabetised words and meanings, otherwise known as a dictionary and look up the word 'choice'.

    People like me, who don't buy Apple products have respect for ourselves. That's why we CHOOSE not to buy Apple products, not because we are poor. We deserve better and products made by a despicable, shameless, cowardly and downright snobbish company like Apple has no part in our lives.

  37. Haha! Great stuff!

    The funny thing with Apple is, I appreciate a lot of their products. It's just- as this blog well demonstrates- many of it's most rabid fans are just as you said: TOTAL DOUCHE-BAGS.

    So for the non douche-bag crowd, we have something of a dilemma when it comes to Apple. See, we can appreciate the better iPods, and that the iPad 2 is pretty cool, that the iPhone 4 is alright, that the MacPro is a great piece of hardware, as are most MacBooks. (That's about it, most of the rest of Apple's products are strictly for the D-bag crowd).

    So Apple comes out with something cool, and non-D Bags have to consider: even if I bought this iWhatzit, and I'm seen with it, will I have to make it clear to other non-D Bags that I AM NOT A D-BAG just because I have this iWhatzit. No, I haven't become part of any Apple 'community' or 'culture' anymore than I'm part of any other ULTRA-LAME group based on a corporation.


    When a non D-Bag sees a person with an iWhatzit, they have to do a quick assement:

    1.Any Apple stickers/tatoots, images of any sort displayed anywhere?

    2. That smug look of "tech novice that thinks he/she is a tech wizard'?

    3.Given to corporate hype-department slogan-spouting like, "It just works!" or "Apple makes the hardware and the software!" "Think Different!"?

    4. Home page still set to

    4a. Purposefully SEEKS OUT and watches any Apple corporate hype-department advertising.

    5. Overly ignorant of EVERYTHING in the entire tech universe other than Apple.

    If any of the above test positive, then we know to call it a DOUCHE-BAG alert and keep moving.

    If none of the D-BAG indicators are present, then we know: "Ah. A normal person who just happens to have a use for and like an iProduct. No problem. Hey friend, how's it going?"

    So that's pretty much it. Don't hate the product, hate the douche-bag and his 'culture of douche-baggedness' that gives the product a bad rep.

    1. if you think macbooks are wothwhile hardware (have you seen the crap they throw in them?) or you own an apple product then you are correct. You are not a douchebag.

      You are an idiot douchebag for ever owning or saying that any apple product is worth more than 1 cent.

      Don't be stupid and try to respect any of apples products. Trying to see it from the other side simply makes you a red crusted douche nozzle and sound twice as dumb as their cult followers..

  38. I am a user of both Apple and PC. I just wanted to see why people talk so much about Apple. I think Apple products have great features and solid hardware system but in my opinion, it's no where near being able to justify their price and snobbish attitude. I hate Apple more after using their product because they suck money out of their own loyal customers. They lock customers into buying their own proprietary products. You Apple users look back and remember how much money you had to spend on Apple products. PC created a GUI innovation in personal computer market and it was spread all over the world to make everyone's life easier. Microsoft in turn made profits. That's how the business model should be. You provide products that are useful and you get paid for it. Every single thing Apple does pisses me off. Their business strategy is cheap and even childish. I refuse to become Apple's slave and to feed them with my hard-earned money. If I were to buy an Apple laptop, I would buy 3 PC's with that money. As I said, Apple has good features but it's not that much different than other products. Apple will trip itself soon by locking their products in. Look at the Android. It's wide open and it will surpass Apple's software market soon. Apple's OS is hardly seen in business organizations because it is really difficult to make creative software products using Apple's software, it's not compatible to any other products! Then Apple has to provide substitute products but no business is willing to risk that. You can see what Apple is trying to do. You don't want to put your business into their black hole. The bottom line is Apple's business strategy sucks. That's why so many people hate Apple and refuse to purchase their product making Apple users look foolish slave of Apple.

  39. Okay...If Apple fanboys (Whom I hate with a passion) don't want us using Apple, then how come I still get them trying to get me switch??? WTF is up with that? I'll quote an anonymous post:

    "Thank god you don't like Apple. As an Apple users for over 20 years I would like you to know that we also hate you :) People like you in our eyes are not worthy of owning Apple products. This is usually caused because the person is poor, but some people just don't have the taste of an Apple user. Apple users do think they are better than others - it is true we are:) not because we are rich, as I am far from rich, but that we understand value and quality. So now we know you hate us and you know we hate you :) It doesn't mean we can't be friends just that we are better than you. Have a nice life :)"

    And yes, I will have a genuinely good life on my PC.

    No person is better than another. Objects are better than other objects, and I don't hate Apple (Just their fanbase and some of the things they do) But I do think and know that PC is better than Mac, though not by a long shot.

    Games, hardware ability to upgrade parts, unlimited customization options, many software choices (Don't go on about viruses, Windows comes with software that combats against them, there's also other software that is good too, and loads of other things as well, there is more to add to that list.

    I wouldn't hate Apple fans so much if they weren't arrogant the way they are. As quoted above, there is loads of arrogance there, basically saying that Apple is "exclusive", which is untrue. Anyone can get whatever they want, no one can control you, not even that "high-end" Steve Jobs.

    The person I quoted, really needs to get some sense kicked into them, and they'll see that Apple's products aren't as good as they are marketed out to be. Disagree with me all you want. I've had several Mac computers and I prefer my PC's greatly over Mac.

    By the way, those Apple fanboys really need to check out what Windows 7 has to offer. I personally like it better than OSX. Go ahead, it won't bite. You won't lie about Windows 7 either, us PC users will be sure of that. Windows is certainly more stable than you think.

  40. I have rarely seen an Apple hater be so eloquently wrong.

    The problem can be expressed in one word - jealousy.

    It simply doesn't register with you that Apple offers better value than other companies. But you have to understand the Econ 101 concept of price vs value. Apple products are more reliable, last longer, cost less to own, and have better resale value.

    DO you really think that many consumers are so stupid or brainwashed that they are totally unaware of any of this?

    I have used Macs and Windows (even DOS) systems side-by-side on a daily basis since 1986. In that time I have learned why Apple has become the most valuable company in the world and is now the largest single manufacturer of computers in the world. Those are facts. Disagree, whine and moan, but they are still facts.

    1. i hate apple for two reason
      im a macbook owner...use to
      i suffer from hot palm rest , hardware software ristriction
      and boredom
      fragile hardware
      Macbook a1181 and iphone 4 retina is a lie
      i would never switch back to apple product again

  41. @slrman and your source for those facts would be?

  42. I many cases Apple has great looking and functioning products, this combined with great advertising and getting into the market early has generated a huge following. When my daughter started kindergarten at age 4 I found many of her friends and kids on her bus already had iPod Touches. This is when I really started paying attention and found that Apple doesn't simply have a product but has created (intentional or not) a brainwashed culture. People buy an iXXXX simple because it's apple. I was leading the boys club at my local church, it's a program for boys grades 4-6 to play some floor hockey, do manly projects like making rockets. I was using my Nokia phone for reading some notes and bible verses when one of the boys asked what I was using. It wasn't anything "i" and it almost confused him, I then learned that in my trendy upper class suburb most kids didn't really know options existed beyond Apple. On one hand I have to applaud Apple for it's sweeping market domination, on the other hand I'm disappointed in society and how easyily they've been brainwashed. Who would have thought that a phone or MP3 player that actually has so many limitations and restrictions would be so accepted.

  43. I hate Apple users with a passion!!!!!!

    Talk about douchebags!

  44. We won't allow any competition. lets sue everybody.
    Apple suck!

  45. Apple users are mindless zombies. Yes masta Jobs, may I clean that with my tongue, masta Jobs.

    Bumbling idiots.


  47. "Apple products are more reliable, last longer, cost less to own, and have better resale value.
    Do you really think that many consumers are so stupid or brainwashed that they are totally unaware of any of this? "

    Really? Do you even know the manufacturers behind Apple products? As for consumers, PCs make up 91% of the market so you are right, consumers are not stupid. The fact that 91% use PCs proves that.

    My biggest issue with Apple is the fan base. Most don't know much about computers but are extremely arrogant and condescending. As for Apple, I would take any product any day just because of their lack of features and compatibility. They are great for their fan know, the ones who don't know much about computers but are arrogant and condescending.

  48. I can't believe all the Apple Fan boys still holding to what they believe about Apple. They just don't get it no matter how much you drill into their heads that Apple don't give a rats ass about them except for their money they still defend the crooked company Apple is. Where have you seen a company lay claim to just about everything that has been patented and invented before, yet brainwash people into thinking it's their invention and you must buy it. Apple hasn't invented anything new get it through your thick Apple Fan boy heads. They repackage everything they sell into something shiny so people with no technical knowledge believe it's some miraculous device that must be better than anything else out there. All Apple stands for is an over priced device that creates a following of people that is drawn to the status of having an Apple device. Anything else in their minds no matter how much more advance is considered lack luster because it doesn't have that Apple bling. So Apple fan boys get your head out of your ass and start reading up on what your dear company is doing in the market place to get you to buy more idevices. Yes that's right they sue with overly broad patent claims so they can block all other companies from making a profit that they believe only belongs to them.

    1. forget it , their brainwashed zealots
      you cant crack open their heads with drills

  49. I'm a happy Android user. I've had a go at Apple products - yes, I see their merits. But what worries me - especially recently is Apple's CLAIM TO EVERYTHING and is SUING EVERYONE. We all know that in reality, that the things that Apple is complaining about is just all bullshit. This is about hobbling competitors and controlling the market using enormous financial resources to litigate forever until they get someone to agree with them. I dont like Google's dominance either , but Apple must be fought or we will all suffer long term. For instance, Apple should be paying royalties to the estate of Stanley Kubrick for showing us what tablet computers might look like in his 1968 film - 2001: A Space Odyssey. Apple DID NOT create the concept yet is screwing Samsung and everyone else over it.

  50. The lockdown issue... Its driving me crazy!

    I hate apple so much!!!

    I got an Iphone 3GS given by gift, I cant stand Apple's rudeness.

    1. Cannot record calls (Apple suggest you use THIER service, which is paid by minute basis)
    2. Must use their lame iTunes program.
    3. My locations are recorded via an encrypted file and sent to Apple when syncing.
    4. Cannot copy files directly to iPhone? Again use their crappy iTunes.
    5. They don't show downloading statistics on their App store.

    Hate them so much.

  51. The idiocy on display is staggering...

  52. I second Jad N. Baroudi

  53. I hate Apple too
    they patent any idea they have from itoilet paper to iPOOP and then other companies are left with nothing. They are ruining the US economy because no one else can innovate or invent tech because Apple owns it in a patent and will not use it themselves or allow others. They will sue you if you try. Look at Samsung.

  54. Apple fans need to go blow Steve Jobs and maybe he will give you an iPhone 5. Oh that's right Apple does not give charities. Overrated and overpriced products that do less than other better priced products in the market.

  55. I'm so have to say " not a apple person here"
    I'm a gamer- so its got to be PC.
    I like music my way- got to be mp3 player.
    Love my cell phone my way- Android!!!

  56. You know, I can't say I hate Apple. I've got an iPhone 4 and will certainly make the switch to Android when my contract with AT&T is up in a few months, but that's simply because I've found something that I like better. I detest that phone, but well understand that some people love it. That's fine, of course.

    Frankly, I'm mostly amused by Apple. Here's a company that has cultivated a culture that rails about the "unfair" practices of Microsoft, yet has resorted to threats from Android by filing lawsuits. Here's a company that has built an operating system around FreeBSD, yet is incredibly "closed" when it comes to hardware, software or anything else. Here's a company that tosses around slogans like "think different," but uses a "one size fits all" approach in designing iPhone and iPad hardware.

    Apple makes some great stuff, but here's the thing -- you can do the same things on a PC than you can on a Mac, but at a quarter of the price. Even the virtual monopoly that Apple once had in design shops is gone -- InDesign and Photoshop both work quite well on PCs.

    Given that Apple does charge a premium for products that honestly aren't that superior to more modestly-priced items from competitors, it's no wonder the company has resorted to slick marketing and slogans like "it just works." What else, really, does the company have?

  57. You said that graphic designers cry to their mommies and daddies for mac's... Well no, not all do. My graphic design school has macs in their computer lab, so i bring my PC laptop to school. I CAN NOT stand mac computers. My ipod that i got for a gift is jailbroken, and i plan on getting some other music player that isn't Apple. Please don't stereotype all graphic designers. I am one who despises mac as much as you. With regards to your post, it is an excellent one, and I like the points you made. Plus, it makes me happy to know someone else hates mac like me.

  58. I wish there were more blogs like this.

  59. I HATE APPLE AND FANBOYS!!!! Check out my video for Steve Jobs and fanboy worship at

  60. I love you! Hear hear!! I hate apple too. The cloning of man:......eeyuk, dare to be different people!

  61. Hah! So funny. "You must hold your iPhone, like so. In order to get a good reception. The Apple culture really brainwashed the brainless consumers. Too much iThis and iThat. It sounds individualistic, yet it clearly represents conformity. Blessed those poor souls who bought the idea that Mac computers are not PCs.

  62. I'm not an apple fan but do agree they make fantastic products. problems are as follows;

    1. I buy a song for my iPhone but then have to buy it again to use it as my ringtone. When buying media you buy the right to use that media for private use. That surely must include using said media as a ringtone???

    2. The patent war - every time somebody else improves Apples own ideas or comes out with a better or different version they try stop the sale.

    Most ideas and inoovations come from existing products, technologies etc. Apple have come up with great designs and ideas and I bet a lot of them stem from previous inventions by others. If it was me and somebody used my idea to make something similar but also different I would be proud.

    Get a grip apple and give the wider consumer group what they want. We want choice and freedom and these seem to be missing when it comes to Apple products.

    cheers :)

  63. whatever they say.... apple is for people who lets APPLE corp. decide what they want ,what they like and they need.... seems like their strategy proves how much people crave to appear cool by owning a mac.... want customization ? go for windows /android.....let them worship steve jobs

  64. if you hate apple, give a try to apples & worms smasher, you can find it on android market:

  65. Maybe the 'i' in the product names really means idiot. Apple products are designed for idiots who like shiny things.

    Apple steals ideas and technology from other companies and doesn't play nice with them. They are just bullies. Especially when you submit your app to them, you have to pay for it and they will steal your idea or technology repackaging it as their own in the next release.
    They close off their technology source when everywhere else is opensource. They take and don't give back.

    They profit from making shiny toys. What they are good at is brain washing.

  66. I realize that many people in this world seem to like apple either for the simplicity of being able to go out to Apple store purchase a computer/phone/laptop whatever it may be and receive a decent product with relatively decent spec's. In this regard apple has done a good job imo that yes the specs are relativly good. Where apple fails is their pricing among other things. Im sorry to say this and perhaps its because i grew up loving computers that i feel this way but I like to spec out a computer i buy. No its not beacause im poor and cant afford to go out and purchase an apple computer its because I cant justify throwing my hard earned money away on overpriced shit that I could easily with a small amount of work find a suitable substitute to an apple laptop or computer. Yes ill go onto a online computer retailer investigate computer parts and specs and compare for the best prices for each part to get both the best deal with the best hardware. This depite popular opinion is not difficult to do. Furthermore, I do not want to spend my money supporting a company such as apple to help fund their restrictive ways in regards to applications which are and are not allowed to be run on their IOS devices. I find many similarities to the way apple runs itself and a modern day government with the end-users as the constituents of a nation who would vote. Purchasing apple products imo basically state you are a non-voter. Essentially you dont care to the business practices that are going on behind the scenes and only care about what affects you in the present. Very similar to a person who chooses not to vote in the way that it is convieniet not to vote. It takes too much time to vote. It is a hassle and waste of my time to vote. and my vote will not change anything. This is the mindset of an apple user imo. Sure things will be fine and dandy for a while and slowly but surely things will begin to change. A few apps here and there not allowed through to the app store. A few selected programs not allowed to run on their devices ( flash porn etc.) but before you know it whats to stop them from saying "well this app is too politically right winged lets pull it" meanwhile letting their belives though (eg. Senator so an so is supporting us by substidizing our products by placing a mac computer at the hands of every child in a school and this app goes against his campain maybe we wont let it through) and therefore the belifes becoming your own.. This is an issue of freedom of speech.. What rights does apple have to say what I can and cannot install on MY purchased device!! This is a battle of Enterprise vs Open Source.. Enterprise will never self regulate instead only run for the greater greed of the company. Sure it may be hidden behind a simple harmless looking apple symbol but that symbol might as well be a swastika as far as im concerned.. companies like apple are the enemy of open source and people eat this shit up like fukking corn flakes its ridiculous.. At least with an open source community information is shared people work together to find solutions to problems and most importantly it is a non restrictive environment.

    I mean has anyone ever even used openoffice?
    Has anyone ever tried running linux (which btw does not Apple does not support Itunes in)

    And as far as Itunes as a music managing interface it is possibly one of the worst most inefficient peices of garbage i have ever used. Has anyone in windows ever opened up task manager and seen how many system processes are associeated with just iTunes? I dont mean to bash anymore but seriously I didnt think a persone would be able to use itunes to benchtest a cpu..

    Anyways i hate apple and probably always will... along with windows and microsoft.....

  67. Fuck You All And Im Only Talking to Haters of Apple...
    How Would U Like Me Blowing Up every Thing Microsoft Made Except for Xbox thats Maybe One of Microsofts Only Usable Products
    I Hate Windows and I Wish it Never Existed Even Though Apple Got GUI from Xerox If Apple Would Have Not Made The GUI Based Of Xerox GUI Would Not be Here Because Xerox Did Not Know What to do with the GUI and if it wasn't for Apple GUI Would Not Be Here and Apple Was Mainly There First With a Public GUI You Guys are Sore Losers Who Are Cheep Screw You...

    1. At least we can spell the word "cheap" correctly..... not your fault though. iphone auto correct is terrible, we know

  68. Windows is Shit Mac Is Not

  69. After endless hassle trying to add new music to my iPod from iTunes from my PC I decided to smash my iPod. I've decided to return to MP3's and will buy a Creative Zen for this task. I look forward to the stress free copying of music from one PC to another. The ability to copy from and to ANY mp3 player or PC without any restrictive Apple bulshit. I'm finished with iPod, permanently! However, the jury is still out on my iPhone although that may go the same way because of its poor battery life...

  70. Haters are funny. They spend so much time and energy on the object of their hatred. Which in turn brings more attention to the hated object. Then they hate it even more. LOL!

    It's okay. We, the elite, accept you for who you are. Now, go and type up more hatred on that PC keyboard. Enjoy! :)

  71. Dont believe that apple is better!? Well theres an app that will prove you wrong! Just gotta go onto the app store and download it......... hmmm, costs $4.99. Give me a second, i'll go onto my android powered smartphone, it'll probably be free on there.......

  72. I love it how apple ifaggots are running about claiming that apple is fairly priced for the quality and features, and that its all free to update.

    Fairly priced for quality? My colleague dropped his iPhone at work today result: screen smashed, body dented: iFail. he came to me and asked what case i had on my Samsung G II. I said NONE. With a puzzled face he asked if he could see my phone. So after seeing not a single scratch, he asked how do you always drop it and its still works? Prove the point to you macfaggs?

    My mother over holidays asked if I could help her update her iPhone3G to the new OS. I plugged it in (had to install iTunes) found the update, and oh wait 10.99 GBP to update. Uninstall Itunes, clear registry, done with any more apple product. Again prove a point that nothing apple makes is free to update or of good quality??

  73. It really comes down to development for me, If I wanted to develop applications in an archaic 70's based language (C, which is great on its own) mixed with long dead nobody gives a rats ass 80s programming language (Small Talk) with weird syntax unlike any other programming language in use, eg C++, C, Java and C#, which are responsible for about 80% (possibly more) of all programs written in past 20 years, then I would use Objective C. Objective C is something that I just couldn't ever become interested in, I can't even get myself to learn it because... everytime i sit down to start learning something i think. Wow this would be 10x easier in Java and it would run on like a gajillion more platforms.. NO BRAINER!!!!!!

  74. You obviously don't have a clue what your talking about. So shut up.

  75. I HATE APPLE..

    Apple is the most Whoreish, Greedy, Hypocrytical company I have ever seen.

    I read Job's biography and that caused me to hate him and Apple even more.

    1 I want to develop iPhone etc apps. Apple is sooo greedy you must have a MAC to do that.. What is up with that???

    2 They used to advertise that Apple was the way to go because IBM Pcs were controlled like Big Brother. (the famous superbowl ads of trhe 70-s). If any of you Apple lovers paid attention.. You would see that Apple is the Big Brother Controller not the PC platform.

    3 Who else sells defective products and trys to tell users it is their fault. (Not Holding The iPhone properly....)

    The list goes on and on.. and the world still has idiots who purchase apple products

  76. I don't hate apple.
    I just hate all the fanboys/fangirls. What he said is surprisingly true to the majority of their users.

    I've had my desktop for 6 years straight now, using windows Vista. That's right. And I've downloaded bootlegged stuff, pirated like no tomorrow, visited...dangerous sites...And guess what, I do not know what the infamous "Blue screen of death" looks like. But here is the thing. I take care of my computer, even when I pull off stunts like that. And it still runs really well till this day...If you take care of your devices, mac or windows, it will live on for a really long time.

    So please. Apply Fanboys and girls...If you're happy with your device...Just keep it to yourselves.

  77. Dear Mo, after reading your post, there are both arguments you have raised which I agree and disagree, which I found to be unfair. First, I should clear the ground by admitting to support apple products for their user intuitiveness and stability as some of the other commentators have pointed out. The first flaw of your argument lies in your opening statements; how can you compare apple with google or facebook? Looks like it may not be clear to you, but these are 2 completely different sets of things you're comparing. Why not say you prefer a sony or acer product compared to apple? google and facebook are search engines and social media found ON the net, you don't go around carrying and shoving them in people's faces like one would do with an iPhone.
    Having said that, I agree with you that Apple's business strategy may make people sick, but you have to admit, it works for them, the company wins, the "suckers" will keep buying updated versions of their products, either way, both parties are satisfied (though some consumers may grumble over the price), but why should that concern people like you who are not bothered?
    You then go on to assume that Apple users look down on non-Apple users, do you have statistics to prove that? From what I've observed, most users are simply publicly enjoying their use of their devices - what's wrong with that? What if one day you find that most of the population begin using another brand product, are you then going to label them as feeling 'superior' over others?
    Despite disagreeing strongly with you over some points, I do admit that Apple has a problem with their lockdown issue you highlighted as well as the (serious drawback on) lack of Flash. That is something that should be sorted out.
    Alright, having said what I've said, I hope that people on both sides of the fence put their insecurities aside and let each other enjoy what's out there in the market.

  78. I totally agree with you!

  79. I have a Mac but I totally hate the "mac" fanboy culture as well. I only bought my Macbook as several of my teachers told me it would be beneficial over a PC for my profession. I now speculate they must have been paid off. Outside of pretty good immunity to viruses, my Mac has been a pain in the ass. I've had to take it in at least 4x to the Genius Bar for repairs, which without having bought the extended warranty for an extra $200 plus bucks, would have cost me an additional $2,000. No exaggeration. There's multiple software programs I cant use and almost no video games. Next computer I get will be a PC. I dont drink the Apple Juice, and a lot of the responses to this article shows how douchey some people can get about their Apple obsession.

  80. Hello.
    I am not a huge Apple fan myself, but I use the ipod. I hope you DO realize that you sound jealous, and you don't understand some things. Creating a blog to prove your point? Don't you think you're going too far?

  81. Apple = Proprietary

  82. This thread is ridiculous. All you Apple haters are so bent out of shape. If you hate them so much don't use them, live and let live.

    Personally as a developer of 15 years I finnally made the switch to OSX because it is leaps and voids more reliable and elegant than widows.

    You don't become the most valuable company in the world in a competitive market if you are not producing something valuable.

  83. You know, I also hate Apple with a passion.
    For one thing, the Apple users act like they're the greatest humans on the earth. Secondly, they say that "Oh, Apple is innovative and great and they're so cheap and they work better." No, you end up paying more on and Apple products, they don't have any software to run anything good on (Like Android) and no, they don't work better. They don't let you do anything with them.

  84. I run a small business, Apple is for people who that have nothing important to do.the world runs on Pc.


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